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Selling a timeshare or planning a timeshare vacation? Explore our vast resources.


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A timeshare promotion allows you to stay at a specific resort for a highly discounted price - sometimes free!  A resort will offer a timeshare promotion (highly discounted vacation) in exchange for you to attend one of their "resort tours".

A "resort tour" is usually a 90-120 minute presentation of the resort that highlights the resort facilities, units, and the advantages of purchasing a timeshare from them.  The resort is willing to offer these promotions in hopes that you will purchase a timeshare.  You do not have to purchase a timeshare in order to enjoy the timeshare promotion (discounted vacation).  Whether you end up purchasing the timeshare is totally up to you - you will not be charged anything above and beyond the promotional offer if you do not purchase a time share.

Many resorts will offer their current timeshare owners an incentive if they refer a "guest" to take advantage of one of these timeshare promotions.  This is known as an "Owner Referral". 

We have created this section of the website, to allow timeshare owners the opportunity to post their timeshare promotions (owner referrals) and for you to become one of their "referred guests".  This helps both you and the timeshare owner.  You receive a highly discounted vacation (sometimes free) and the owner receives an incentive from the resort for referring you as a "guest".  This creates a win-win situation for both parties!

You can search the promotional offers by City or by Resort Name.