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Sunterra Resorts

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Information about Timeshares

Selling a timeshare or planning a timeshare vacation? Explore our vast resources.

Sunterra resorts are one of the world's premier vacation ownership companies with a large network of resorts in key vacation destinations in North America, Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean and Hawaii.  Building on this success, at the end of 1998 Sunterra introduced the next generation of vacation ownership product, Club Sunterra, a flexible points-based system designed to provide club members the greatest variety of vacation choices within a highly flexible system. This enables each member to enjoy a lifetime of vacations in unique destinations around the world.  They also provide property management for vacation ownership resorts, condominiums, and hotels including most of our network of resorts, as well as resorts owned by third parties in Hawaii.  ---Content comes from the Sunterra website.

What can Vacation Timeshare Rentals, LLC do for a Sunterra member?  Vacation Timeshare Rentals, LLC offers Sunterra timeshare owners, as well as non-Sunterra resort members the ability to reach tens of thousands of travelers each month.  These travelers are searching directly to rent or purchase a resort rental for their next vacation or at least the interest.  By listing on our website, a Sunterra resort member can expose their timeshare(s) for rent or resale to these travelers. 

You do not have to be a Sunterra resorts owner to advertise on our website.  All timeshare, resort, and luxury hotel owners are invited to sell or rent their timeshares on the Vacation Timeshare Rentals website.  View all available Sunterra timeshares.  View more Vacation Ownership Services. <%Dim sql, rsProfile, ResortName(10000), ResortLink(10000), ResortRegion(10000), ResortCountry(10000), ResortState(10000), ResortCity(10000), count, counter, rows count = 0 counter = 0 %> <% sql = "SELECT Distinct(ResortName), ResortRegion, ResortCountry, ResortState, ResortCity FROM resorts Where ResortName LIKE '%Sunterra%' Order by ResortName" Set rsProfile = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") rsProfile.Open sql, conn, 0, 3 rsProfile.movefirst Do While NOT rsProfile.eof ResortName(count) = rsProfile("ResortName") ResortLink(count) = Replace(ResortName(count), "-", "_") ResortLink(count)= Replace(ResortLink(count), " ", "-") ResortRegion(count) = rsProfile("ResortRegion") ResortRegion(count) = Replace(ResortRegion(count), "-", "_") ResortRegion(count)= Replace(ResortRegion(count), " ", "-") ResortCountry(count) = rsProfile("ResortCountry") ResortCountry(count) = Replace(ResortCountry(count), "-", "_") ResortCountry(count)= Replace(ResortCountry(count), " ", "-") ResortState(count) = rsProfile("ResortState") If ResortState(count) <> "" then ResortState(count) = Replace(ResortState(count), "-", "_") ResortState(count)= Replace(ResortState(count), " ", "-") end if ResortCity(count) = rsProfile("ResortCity") ResortCity(count) = Replace(ResortCity(count), "-", "_") ResortCity(count)= Replace(ResortCity(count), " ", "-") count = count + 1 rsProfile.movenext Loop %>

Sunterra Timeshare Resorts:
Sunterra timeshare resorts at <% counter = 0 Do While counter <> count If ResortCountry(counter) = "United-States" OR ResortCountry(counter) = "Canada" then%> <%=ResortName(counter)%>,  <%else%> <%=ResortName(counter)%>,  <%end if counter = counter + 1 Loop %> are currently available for buying and/or renting from timeshare owners via our website.