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Christmas Mountain Village - Timeshare For Sale

Home Timeshares United States Wisconsin Wisconsin Dells Christmas Mountain Village Timeshare ID#17815
Christmas Mountain Village
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Timeshare ID#17815: Timeshare's Owner:
Christmas Mountain Village
Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, United States 

Rent: Not for Rent
Buy: US$3,000 plus closing costs (more info)
Availability: Almost Any Time

Unit Size: 2 Bedroom/2 Bath (sleeps 6)
Check-In Day: Any Day
Available Season: High Season
Use Type: Other - See Description (0 Points)

Ownership Type: Deeded Timeshare
Annual Maintenance Fees: US$1,201

Owner's Name: Bruce
Owner's Location: Wisconsin, USA
Owner's Feedback Rating: 90.9%
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Timeshare Owner's Description:

General Description:
Here is a link to our resorts website site. that has lots of information about amenities, activities and special discounts on actives to do at our resort, Also and how to get excellent trades with this ownership.

We can set it up that you can make reservations in a couple of days instead of waiting months and months unlike most timeshare purchases.

he way that our EXTREMELY RARE UNIQUE 'PURE UDI' Oak Timbers at Christmas Mountain (CMV) Multi reservation timeshare ownership works is that at all times we are allowed to have 4 ''FLOATING FLEX' confirmed reservations booked AT ALL TIMES on JUST ONE of our unique Oak Timbers ownerships at Christmas Mountain. .

Once the reservation date is reached you can then reserve another reservation.

You only pay $92. (as of march 19 , 2016) for a resort housekeeping fee per reservation that can be good for up to 7 full nights, and NOT JUST FOR ONE NIGHT.

We can have at all times the following combinations of four confirmed reservations booked at any one time at Christmas Mountain. We can have one red time period reservation plus any combination of 2 other reservations that can be white or blue time period reservation time period. We can also have 'fourth flex time' reservation date can be made up 45 or less days out at the time you call Blue-green for a 4th reservation. which can be a prime red, white or blue time reservation All reservations are of course subject to UDI Oak Timbers condo unit availability.

All reservations are to be made for the 2 bedroom 2 bathroom Oak Timbers' UDI's' at Christmas Mountain but each reservation can be as long as 7 full nights or as short as 2 nights.

Once the check in date for a reservation is reached you are allowed to book another 'flex' reservation THE SAME DAY .

Do yourself a favor and read the full ad below to learn about the many money features and advantages this rare type of ownership offers you.

A VERY RARE DEEDED UNIQUE 'PURE'' OAK TIMBERS 'UDI' OWNERSHIP THAT CAN HAVE many MULTI LOW COST RESERVATIONS. Bruce's average cost per reservation is now only $211. (based on 10 yearly reservations) for trades and rentals and our families stays at our resort.

Please note that there are only 17 Oak Timber units compared to about 80 to 100 'UDI' smaller Cottages.

BEWARE of any Christmas Mountain FOR SALE ad that do not mention the exact Special Assessment costs for these following Christmas Mountain ownerships. All of our Special assessments have been paid in full.
The 'UDI' Oak Timbers approved Special Assessment budget came in at only $2,485 per multi week ownership. The Oak Timbers 'UDI' Oak Timbers Special Assessment budget was $2,485 . The billings were sent out on about Nov 1, 2012 but the first payments were not due until Jan 1, 2013. and was paid. The other 2 payments were do in 2014 and 2015. We have paid off all 3 payments completely in full all our special assessments as of January 22, 2013.

The good news that the remodeling grades are done and will most likely increase ownerships value and increase the rental demand and the trading power of this 'PURE' OAK TIMBERS UDI at Christmas Mountain ownership having multi-reservation reservation rights for each year.

Bruce prepaid the Special assessment in full to avoid bookkeeping and paperwork transfer problems and the Special assessment is not included in the listed price. Buyer will reimburse Bruce in full for the Special assessment upgrade of $2,450.


Feel free to call Bruce at his home at 1-262-878-7566 ONLY between 9 AM to 7 PM CST for more details or to answer any questions you may have after reading ALL of the detailed information provided below as I can better and quickly explain over the phone than by typing out emails as I am a very slow typist.

My main reason for selling is that I am 71 years old and due to health concerns I am going to cut back from doing about 90 or more yearly rentals and use all of the time used for those rentals to instead have free more time to enjoy our home on our Eagle Lake in Racine County, Wisconsin.

Please note Bruce is the DEEDED owner of this ownership and NOT a third party commercial vendor of other peoples reservations. So you are dealing direct with Bruce as a DEEDED owner and maybe not have the possible delays and hassles because of miscommunications, spending extra time, etc of trying to rent or buy through a vendor with a maybe hard to reach unknown owner if the need arises.

A VERY RARE DEEDED UNIQUE 'PURE' OAK TIMBERS UDI' OWNERSHIP THAT CAN HAVE MULTI LOW COST RESERVATIONS. Bruce's average cost per reservation is under $212. ( based on 10 yearly reservations) for trades and rentals and our families stays at our resort.

Read on to learn how this unique ownership can be used in many different ways for various different LOW COST vacation experiences through various major exchange programs. Some UDI owners pay for some or all of their yearly maintenance fees and some even make a profit by renting some of their reservations to family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and still have reservations to use.

Once the check in date for a reservation is reached you are allowed to book another 'flex' reservation THE SAME DAY .

more yearly LOW COST reservations depending how you use your ownership and EACH reservation can be used for up to ONE FULL WEEK of VACATION or rentals from just one of these type of These Rare Deeded 'PURE' UDI ' Oak Timbers ownerships.

The prorated average cost for reservations for up to a full week based on 10 yearly reservations was LESS THAN $212. per reservation for the present 2016 maintenance fee year when including the $92. resorts housekeeping fees and the maintenance for the June 1, 2014 to May 31, 2015 added to the yearly Maintenance fee of only $1,201.29 .
Our new ownership card says we still get free golf and ski lift passes. We are will to send as a email attachment of our ownership card showing we get free golf and ski lift passes.

We think you would agree that up to this point the opportunity for possible vacation savings for you are pretty dramatic. But read on as there are even more ownership savings in store for you.

Many owners more than cover their yearly total costs renting out to friends, family and co-workers, etc and still have enough LOW COST vacation reservations for their own vacation use at Christmas Mountain or a low cost exchange vacation at thousands of other timeshare condo resorts in the U.S . and around the world.

Each of our Christmas Mountain Village 'PURE' UDI ' Oak Timbers Deeded ownerships can give the equal of about 70,000 to 90,000 or more yearly Bluegreen Points usage per year at Christmas Mountain Village depending on how this ownership is used at a fraction of the maintenance fee cost per reservation compared to the cost of other ownership types.

Save about 50% to 70% on maintenance fees with our EXTREMELY RARE DEEDED 'PURE' UDI OAK TIMBERS MULTI WEEK Condo ownership compared to the current Bluegreen Point or Christmas Mountain fixed week (usage) maintenance fees per prorated per week compared to our multi week DEEDED UDI OAK TIMBERS MULTI WEEK Condo ownership.

We are happy to provide by email a copy of our 2 bedroom ownership in the form of our warranty deed upon request that shows that we do own this deeded ownership RESORT WEEK.

Here are some more of the advantages that our ''PURE CMV UDI ' Oak Timbers ownership can offer you.

You will only pay for ONLY one closing fee on our 'PURE' CMV Oak Timbers UDI ' ownership for up to 10 or more reservations per year and each reservation can be for 7 full nights.

If you were to buy 10 other timeshares each with single weeks usage, and although those 8 timeshares would not give you as many reservations as our CMV UDI Oak Timbers ownership would, you would have to pay for 10 closing fee costs compared to JUST ONE with our 'PURE' OAK TIMBERS' UDI 'ownership..

Even if those 10 closing costs were only $300 each your total would be at least $3,000 in closing costs for those other 10 timeshares. Most Deeded closing costs for one ownership are in the $300 to $400 range and some are even higher.

So immediately you could save about $2,700 or more just on comparable closing costs the first year for MORE usage rights with our 'PURE' UDI Oak Timbers ownership.

The average maintenance fee for a typical for one US mainland 2 bedroom unit average unit is about $600 to $800 US and higher. Owning 10 of those other types would have maintenance yearly fees of $6,00 to $8,000

Now compared to our new 'PURE' UDI 'Oak Timbers 2014-2015 $1,201.29 yearly maintenance fees + 10 housekeeping fees of $84. = $840 equals a combined total of only about $2,042. for 10 UDI reservations per year.

That is about a yearly on going savings to you of about $4,760.00 to about $6,760.00 or more every year just on comparable yearly maintenance fees for only 10 weeks of comparable usage.

So between the possible about $2,700 savings on comparable closing costs and first years savings on about $4,760.00 to $5.760 .00 and more on maintenance fees you could expect save about $7,450.00 to $ in the first year of ownership on our 'PURE' UDI ' Oak Timbers based on 10 weeks of usage.

Here is a brief summary of fairly common other timeshare ownership types.

The two most common types are that you buy one deeded week of timeshare ownership to be used every year.

One is a fixed week were you are assigned a certain numbered week to use at the resort you bought at.

The second is a 'floating week' or some times called a 'flex week' were you call the resort management company every year and based on unit availability you pick the week that you want.

The yearly typical average maintenance fees for these two types of ownerships on the US mainland average about $700 to $800 and up for one week of vacation in a two bedroom, sleep 6 unit.

Keep in mind that places off of the US mainland like Hawaii, ect that you can exchange into, you can reasonably expect to pay anywhere from about $700 to $900 or more per week in yearly maintenance fees for a two bedroom unit.

A third type of ownership are the mini chain 'Points' systems ownerships. There are a fair amount of different brands of point systems out there.

The maintenance fee costs for one week of typical points usage falls about in the general range of $650 to $850 when including 'Club Dues' .

A best guess estimate on 10 weeks worth of Blue-green Points Maintenance fees at only (low ?) $550 per week would be about $5.500 year not including their yearly Club membership dues.

Those that are familiar with other US timeshare ownerships know if you own just one White and just one Red week two bedroom unit at other US resorts, your maintenance fees for those two weeks used could exceed the cost of our 'PURE 'CMV UDI Oak Timbers yearly maintenance fees.

This 'PURE' UDI Oak Timbers ownership is also super cost efficient and a excellent ownership to take advance of the current RCI weeks for RCI Points for deposit program.

Our 'PURE CMV UDI' Oak Timbers is ideally suited RCI points. You can presently deposit 4 weeks yearly into RCI Points if you have a RCI Points account gotten with your RCI Points ownership. If you do not have a RCI Points ownership we have several reasonable priced RCI Points you can chose from.

This type of ownership is also super cost efficient for the new ' RCI Trading Power Units' in the RCI Weeks program or as some call it 'RCI Points Light'. You can generate a lot of very low cost 'RCI Trading Power Units with this type ownership of ours.

It is also very cost efficient to use for the RCI Weeks for RCI Points program, II and quite a few other independent exchange companies. You do not have exchange restrictions like many of the so called timeshare 'Point Club Memberships' who's owners are surprised and unhappy to later find out about those 'Points Club Memberships' exchange restrictions that severely limit their exchange opportunities in comparison to our ownership.

Unlike a lot of other timeshares ownerships we can cancel our reservations even only 3 business days before the check in day and do not have to pay a reservation cancellation penalty or lose any vacation time and so you are also not charged for the low cost $84. housekeeping fee.

If you cancel only 2 days or less the charge is only $25 but you do not lose ay vacation time as you can reuse that reservation to reserve a different reservation. The 3 day cancellation rule helps provide last minute inventory for all owners. You do not have to cancel at least 10 days out like you have to with Bluegreen Points or lose a weeks worth of Bluegreen Points which can cost you for a 2 bedroom at different times of the year and depending on which Bluegreen resort anywhere from $600 to $800 in Points maintenance fees and club membership fees for that reservation

PLEASE NOTE that these ownership costs are figured WITH OUT ANY RENTAL INCOME PROFIT BEING DEDUCTED from your expenses. You can rent out extra reservations to other vacationers like we and others do which can dramatically lower your average reservation costs.

Some of our UDI Oak Timbers reservations we used to go on vacations at Christmas Mountain as we live only 140 miles away.

Most we rent out to other vacationers. Some we use for trades with the 2 major trade companies RCI and II and if we wanted we could exchange into approximately 5,000 other timeshare resorts around the world.

If you want to exchange into about 5,000 other resorts worldwide your exchange fees range from $139 to $199 for a US exchange trade. Our units trades with both RCI and II and some of the independent exchange companies.

Our resort and all of the things it has to offer you can be viewed on line.

If you buy our 'PURE' Oak Timbers UDI ownership we will help you learn to book and make reservations for you during the transfer of ownership period.

Email Bruce DIRECTLY at his home email address of [email protected] for a detailed listing the many CONFIRMED Interval International exchanges from 2002 to 2009 and RCI exchanges over 3 years. Some of the Great confirmed exchanges we have proof of are the following exchanges at many of the top rated high demand timeshare resorts.

We have even made exchanges to stay on Disney timeshare's properties at the various Disney OWNED resorts. Those resorts were Disney at Old Key West, Disney at Wilderness Lodge, West, Disney Villas and Disney's Boardwalk. Others in Florida the we have exchanged into Florida Keys for New Years into The Reef at Marathon and to the Florida Bay Club in Key Largo., Vero Beach, Cocoa Beach, Reddington beach and others.

If you like Marriott’s we have exchanged into the Marriott Grand Chateau in Las Vegas and Marriott at Branson and this April the Marriott Newport Coast Villas.. We have exchanged into Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

In Las Vegas we have exchanged into Westgate’s Flamingo Bay, Polo Towers and Summer Bay. In Branson we have also traded into Stormy Point Village, Regency at Thousand Hills, Green Mountain and others in Branson.

In New Orleans the top of the line Quarter House.

In California we have exchanged into several resorts like the Marriott Newport Croast. Carlsbad Inn also in San Diego the Coronado Beach resort and the Del Mar Wave Crest . We have exchanged into several resorts in Puerto Vallarta like the Gold Crown ocean front Lindo Mar Resort and others.

We like Puerto Vallarta so much we have not exchanged into Hawaii even though we see a lot of top Hawaiian resorts that we could exchange into.

At Christmas Mountain we can take a We have also exchanged into Bluegreens Odyssey (formally named Club Optima) and The Rhapsody on Lake Delton in the Dells area and others in the Dells area. For you that love Door County we have exchanged back into The Rushes in door County Wisconsin. Other Door county resorts we have exchanged into is Little Sweden and on Lake Michigan Bailey's Harbor Yacht Club.

WE are sure you can appreciate for our account security purposes we have deleted our account numbers, control and exchanges numbers from the exchange companies websites history postings of our RCI and Interval International accounts. Some of the resorts listed above were gotten through other timeshare exchange companies other than RCI or Interval International.

Take advantage up to over $300 or more in possible ownership transfer of ownership costs savings.
The buyers have the right to choose the transfer-closing company of their choice as the buyers agree to pay all of the needed transfer costs. Those costs include possible escrow fees, all search and document fees, etc charged by the Sauk County Wisconsin register of Deeds and the $100 transfer fee by Bluegreen of ownership account into their name.

The Buyers depending on the transfer–closing company they might choose can save about $300 or more by doing the Transfer of ownership closing themselves with help from the sellers. By doing the transfer ourselves those costs would include the Sauk County transfer fee and taxes of only about $50 or less and the Bluegreen transfer fee of $100 on about March 1, 2015 when I last called. The costs to have Bluegreen to do all of the ownership transfer work was about $475 when I called them about one year ago.

We can do the ownership transfer by use of the Sauk County Wisconsin electronic real-estate transfer website site link and provide the buyer with a State Bar of Wisconsin Warranty Deed form 1-2003 that states, Quote ' Grantor warrants that the title to the Property is good, indefeasible in fee simple and clear of encumbrances' Unquote.

Free deed transfer this 'PURE UDI TIMBERS. Bluegreen would charge you $450. Savings for you about $300 or more.

Selling price for this 'PURE' Oak Timbers UDI is reduced to only $3,000. (The developer sold these for about $17,000. US)

Buyers will reimburse Bruce the $2,450 special assessment that he has paid in full on January 22, 2013.

$3,000. plus $2,450 = $5,450. Plus $100 to Bluegreen to register the name of the new owner.

Buyers will be responsible for a prorated percentage portion of the useable June 1, 2014 to May 31, 2015 yearly maintenance fee of $1,201.29 if they want the reservations on the 'PURE' OAK TIMBERS UDI account to use asap..

We can let you reserve weeks after you make a good faith deposit.

Please note if you email us and do not receive a reply in 24 hours we most likely are on vacation but we will reply to all inquiries ASAP.

If we are on vacation we will have a vacation message reply posted on our email address at [email protected] on how to best reach us.

We can set it up that you can make reservations in a couple of days instead of waiting months and months unlike most timeshare purchases after you make a 50% down payment.

costs ownership only $3,000.
reimburse Bruce for paid in full special assessment $2,450.
Bluegreen for all paper on transferr of deed $ 100.
Sauk county for deed change $50
-----Sub Total $5.600
Plus proration of unused maintenance year which has been paid through December 31, 2016 ?

We can set it up that you can make reservations in a couple of days instead of waiting months and months unlike most timeshare purchases after you make a 50% down payment,.

***Please read our Disclaimer before contacting the owner of this timeshare***

Air Conditioning Beach Nearby
Boating Nearby Casino Nearby
Dish Washer in Unit Water Skiing Nearby
Snow Skiing Nearby Excercise Equipment
Fireplace in Unit Fishing Nearby
Games Room Golf Nearby
Grocery Store Nearby Health Club
Housekeeping Kitchen in Unit
Lake Nearby Laundry on Premises
Microwave in Unit Restaurant Nearby
Sauna Scuba Diving Nearby
Shopping Nearby Snack Bar
Spa Swimming Pool
Telephone in Unit Tennis on Premises
Washer & Dryer in Unit Jacuzzi/Hot Tub