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Hilton Grand Vacations Club

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Information about Timeshares

Selling a timeshare or planning a timeshare vacation? Explore our vast resources.

Experience a Grand Vacation. Hilton Grand Vacation Clubs offers incredible vacation getaways to Orlando, Las Vegas and Waikiki Beach starting at $33 per night.

Today, Hilton answers the growing demand for quality vacation accommodations with their highly acclaimed Hilton Grand Vacations Club - a collection of extraordinary resorts in some of the world's most desirable destinations.

The Club's resorts offer extensive amenities and impeccably designed studios and one, two and three-bedroom villas ... ideal destinations unto themselves. Ownership at a Hilton Grand Vacations Club resort comes with a proprietary allotment of "Clubpoints" - the currency which delivers incomparable flexibility, choices and vacation planning so simple and easy, you'll wonder why you did it any other way.

Consider this: Ownership with Hilton Grand Vacations Club affords you exchange access to more than 3,700 spectacular resorts worldwide, cruise vacations and adventure travel experiences, as well as Hilton HHonors® benefits and points exchange opportunities.

Vacation ownership with Hilton is a smart choice.  For virtually the same price of standard hotel accommodations over the course of a few years, you can own a luxury villa with Hilton Grand Vacations Club, and enjoy vacations all over the world for a lifetime. And because your ownership is a deeded real estate interest, your vacations can be passed on to family members or friends.

Hilton Quality, Hilton Style. Unforgettable vacations, year after year. Now,
This is the Life!
  ---Content comes from the Hilton Grand Vacations Club website.

What can Vacation Timeshare Rentals, LLC do for a Hilton Grand Vacations Club member?  Vacation Timeshare Rentals, LLC offers Hilton Grand Vacations Club owners, as well as non-members the ability to reach tens of thousands of travelers each month.  These travelers are searching directly to rent or purchase a timeshare for their next vacation or at least the interest.  By listing on our website, a member can expose their timeshare(s) for rent or resale to these travelers. 

You do not have to be a Hilton Grand Vacations Club member to advertise on our website.  All timeshare, resort, and luxury hotel owners are invited to sell or rent their timeshares on the Vacation Timeshare Rentals website.  View all available Hilton timeshares.  View more Vacation Ownership Services. <%Dim sql, rsProfile, ResortName(10000), ResortLink(10000), ResortRegion(10000), ResortCountry(10000), ResortState(10000), ResortCity(10000), count, counter, rows count = 0 counter = 0 %> <% sql = "SELECT Distinct(ResortName), ResortRegion, ResortCountry, ResortState, ResortCity FROM resorts Where ResortName LIKE '%Hilton%' Order by ResortName" Set rsProfile = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") rsProfile.Open sql, conn, 0, 3 rsProfile.movefirst Do While NOT rsProfile.eof ResortName(count) = rsProfile("ResortName") ResortLink(count) = Replace(ResortName(count), "-", "_") ResortLink(count)= Replace(ResortLink(count), " ", "-") ResortRegion(count) = rsProfile("ResortRegion") ResortRegion(count) = Replace(ResortRegion(count), "-", "_") ResortRegion(count)= Replace(ResortRegion(count), " ", "-") ResortCountry(count) = rsProfile("ResortCountry") ResortCountry(count) = Replace(ResortCountry(count), "-", "_") ResortCountry(count)= Replace(ResortCountry(count), " ", "-") ResortState(count) = rsProfile("ResortState") If ResortState(count) <> "" then ResortState(count) = Replace(ResortState(count), "-", "_") ResortState(count)= Replace(ResortState(count), " ", "-") end if ResortCity(count) = rsProfile("ResortCity") ResortCity(count) = Replace(ResortCity(count), "-", "_") ResortCity(count)= Replace(ResortCity(count), " ", "-") count = count + 1 rsProfile.movenext Loop %>

Hilton Grand Vacations Club Resorts:
Hilton Grand Vacation Club timeshare resorts at <% counter = 0 Do While counter <> count If ResortCountry(counter) = "United-States" OR ResortCountry(counter) = "Canada" then%> <%=ResortName(counter)%>,  <%else%> <%=ResortName(counter)%>,  <%end if counter = counter + 1 Loop %> are currently available for buying and/or renting from timeshare owners via our website.