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Information about Timeshares

Selling a timeshare or planning a timeshare vacation? Explore our vast resources.

Today, an excess of five million households own vacation intervals at nearly 5,000 resorts in 110 countries. More than two million owners live in the U.S., while Europeans number 1,100,000. It's time for you to join the excitement.

Owning an interval of vacation time locks in the costs of future vacations at today's competitive rates. Best of all, it helps ensure your family's ability to enjoy special times together by making sure your vacation time is a permanent priority. Through an external exchange company (such as RCI or Interval International), owners may exchange their home resort vacation weeks for vacations in other destinations.  This exciting benefit is likely the reason nearly one-third of vacation owners purchase additional intervals at Celebrity Resorts.

But whether you visit your home resort each year or branch out in a different direction through an external exchange company, owning at Celebrity Resorts puts you on the vacation map like nothing else.   --Contents comes from Celebrity Resorts website.

You do not have to be a Celebrity member to advertise on our website.  All timeshare, resort, and luxury hotel owners are invited to sell or rent their timeshares on the Vacation Timeshare Rentals website.  View a sample listing.  View more Vacation Ownership Services.

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Celebrity Resorts:
Celebrity timeshare resorts at <% counter = 0 Do While counter <> count If ResortCountry(counter) = "United-States" OR ResortCountry(counter) = "Canada" then%> <%=ResortName(counter)%>,  <%else%> <%=ResortName(counter)%>,  <%end if counter = counter + 1 Loop %> are currently available for buying and/or renting from timeshare owners via our website.