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Bluegreen and Interval Post 3Q Numbers

Since the third quarter for the year of 2010 ended in September many companies are beginning to report their revenue and profit for both the quarter and for the year. Regular readers of our blog will know we have been reporting on these companies as it backs our claim the timeshare industry is on route […]

Wyndham Beats Third Quarter Expectations

Timeshare owners and travelers around the world are familiar with Wyndham Worldwide Corp or at least some of the affiliate companies who provide various lodging options in many different countries around the world. Recently Wyndham released a report covering their earnings and profit from the third quarter for 2010. The report contained a large amount […]

Wyndham Opens Second DC Timeshare Resort

One of the most well known companies in the timeshare industry has to be Wyndham, with hundreds of timeshare resorts around the world and millions of owners it could be the largest company in the entire industry. Recently Wyndham has opened one more timeshare resort for its network the name of the new resort is […]

More Signs of Hope For Timeshares

In one of our recent posts we cited some signs that some timeshare companies are continuing to expand operations despite the recession of recent history. In that post “Signs of Hope for Wyndham”, we cited a recent interview with the CEO of Wyndham Stephen Holmes stating that Wyndham was considering purchasing some older resorts and […]

Signs of Hope For Wyndham

The recent economic downturn has caused many experts in every industry to look for signs of hope, especially in the travel/timeshare industry. Many major players in the timeshare industry were hurt badly when banks could no longer lend them money for daily operations and to finance purchases from new owners. With people tightening up and […]

Fourth Quarter Woes for Marriot and Wyndham

The timeshare market has proven to be fairly resilient to the recent economic downturn, leaving some analysts wondering, when will the economy begin to affect the timeshare industry. The answer to this question may have come to realization in the latter part of this week when both Marriott and Wyndham reported losses in the fourth […]