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More Financial Issues For Westgate

Westgate Resorts has been making the headlines lately for both good and bad reasons, they recently opened a new tower at one of their resorts, Planet Hollywood Towers at Westgate Resort, and just a few weeks ago announced they would be selling off a good portion of their non-timeshare assets, which we commented on in […]

Westgate Planning To Sell Non-Timeshare Assets

David Siegel, President and Chief Executive Officer of Westgate Resorts, has recently announced a plan to sell all company assets which are not necessary to operate their core business model of developing and operating timeshare resorts. Westgate has been known in the timeshare industry for a very long time and has a prominent presence in […]

Planet Hollywood Towers by Westgate Resorts Opens New Tower

Planet Hollywood Towers by Westgate located in Las Vegas has completed the first phase of a multiple year expansion project of this property. The newly opened fifty-two story tower contains 1,200 units of living space including, timeshare units, vacation homes, and regular hotel rooms for visitors. Before opening this new wing of the resort Planet […]

Beware – Timeshare Scams Using The Names Of Legitimate Companies

People who read this blog on a regular basis are fully aware that we like to bring to our readers attention different ways that less than reputable people may try to scam them. The latest form I have heard about involves scammers using the names of legitimate companies in the timeshare industry to make people […]

Any Publicity Is Good Publicity, Right?

Marketing professionals sometimes say that any publicity is good publicity; however this may not always be the case. In the past couple of weeks, Westgate Resorts has made media headlines several times, the first was when CEO David Seigel, was quoted asking the state of Florida to lend $2 billion of the taxpayers money to […]

Man Claims Wesgate Fined Him $4,000 For Shirt

People familiar with the timeshare industry for any length of time have surely heard about the high pressure sales tactics that many timeshare resorts will use to “encourage” prospects to purchase a timeshare from their resort. Having been part of the timeshare industry for a number of years now I have heard literally thousands of […]

Westgate CEO Seeks $2 Billion

Due to the current state of the economy and many banks going into a lending freeze, many companies are now searching for any way possible to get capitol for normal business operations, things are no different in the timeshare industry. The latest company that I have read about trying to get their hands on some […]