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Wyndham Continuing To Grow

Wyndham Vacation Resorts could possibly be the largest operator of timeshare resorts around the world when one considers all the different affiliations this company has gathered over the years. Wyndham is frequently in the news for either building a new resort, planning a new resort, extending their network of affiliated resorts, or acquiring different companies. […]

Central Florida Timeshare Company to Pay Back Wages – Part 2

Timeshare owners and travelers who read our blog on a regular basis will remember reading the story we brought forward involving an Orlando timeshare company, Central Florida Investments, and Westgate Resorts, where employees of Central Florida Investments were suing the company to collect back wages and commissions. We thought the story was over; however there […]

Central Florida Timeshare Company to Pay Back Wages

Timeshare companies make the news for all different reasons whether it be the latest timeshare scam or a timeshare company giving back to the community, the sad truth is the media will report more of the negative information about the timeshare industry as oppose to anything positive that happens. Unfortunately today another negative story was […]

More Financial Issues For Westgate

Westgate Resorts has been making the headlines lately for both good and bad reasons, they recently opened a new tower at one of their resorts, Planet Hollywood Towers at Westgate Resort, and just a few weeks ago announced they would be selling off a good portion of their non-timeshare assets, which we commented on in […]

Westgate Planning To Sell Non-Timeshare Assets

David Siegel, President and Chief Executive Officer of Westgate Resorts, has recently announced a plan to sell all company assets which are not necessary to operate their core business model of developing and operating timeshare resorts. Westgate has been known in the timeshare industry for a very long time and has a prominent presence in […]

Westgate Partners With Clean The World

At Vacation Timeshare Rentals we have been striving for a long period of time to show the public that not all companies in the industry are dishonesty or purely selfish and think only about themselves. With many negative stories coming out on a weekly basis we feel it is also important to point out the […]

Planet Hollywood Towers by Westgate Resorts Opens New Tower

Planet Hollywood Towers by Westgate located in Las Vegas has completed the first phase of a multiple year expansion project of this property. The newly opened fifty-two story tower contains 1,200 units of living space including, timeshare units, vacation homes, and regular hotel rooms for visitors. Before opening this new wing of the resort Planet […]