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Save Money By Traveling During Low Season

Renting a timeshare is regarded by many travelers as one of the best ways to travel and save some money and everyone has been trying to save money when ever they can because of the economic downturn recently. There are many ways timeshare rentals save people money, many times the unit can be rented around […]

What To Do When You Can No Longer Afford A Timeshare

It has become a common story Vacation Timeshare Rentals has heard from timeshare owners, due to a change in family or job situations the owner can no longer afford to keep their timeshare. This can happen for a number of different reasons and many times is not the fault of the owner maybe they have […]

How Many Timeshare Weeks Do You Own?

Timeshare owners obviously are interested in travel and everything that goes along with it, however I was under the impression that many owners only purchased a single week, until recently when I read a statement published by Owners Prospective magazine which claimed that more than 50 percent of owners are interested in owning other weeks. […]

Not Using Your Timeshare Week?

Many timeshare owners contact me on a daily basis wanting to rent out their unit because they are not going to be able to use it this year, while we are happy to help owners rent timeshares I can’t help but wonder what the main reasons would be for someone not visiting their timeshare. I […]