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San Antonio Judge Rules Against Wyndham

Wyndham Vacation Resorts is perhaps the most well known and largest company in the timeshare industry, with over 80,000 vacation properties available around the world, with a company of this scale anytime they must appear in court or make the news it is a big story to both timeshare owners and people across the industry. […]

Methods To Get People To A Timeshare Resort

Most travelers whether they are timeshare owners or not have heard about the high pressure sales tactics used by timeshare resorts to persuade visitors to purchase a timeshare while visiting their resort. Even though travelers are aware of the reputation of timeshare sales people millions of people every year venture into the sales meeting telling […]

Preparing For Timeshare Presentations

Sales people in the timeshare industry have become notorious for the hard sell tactics used when a potential buyer visits their resorts. Because the sales staff is prepared to go to extreme measures to get the buyer to purchase a unit at their resort it is important that anyone who participates in these sales meetings […]