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Purchasing A Timeshare – Factors To Consider (Part 3)

Last week we began discussing some of the important information that prospective buyers should process while searching for the perfect timeshare resales. We have covered many different items including finding the right resort, location, size, and establishing a budget. If you are just joining this discussion I would encourage you to read the first two […]

Purchasing A Timeshare – Factors To Consider (Part 2)

In our last post we began sharing some useful items for individuals interested timeshare resales to consider. If you have not yet read part 1 of this multiple entry blog we recommend going back reading “Purchasing A Timeshare – Factors To Consider (Part 1)” before continuing on. In the first part of this series we […]

Purchasing A Timeshare – Factors To Consider (Part 1)

Once the decision has been made to purchase a timeshare there are still many issues to consider while finding the right timeshare to purchase. Many questions should be asked and every last detail drawn out, especially if you are new to the timeshare industry. In this multiple part blog we will take a look at […]

Verifying Timeshare Ownership

When looking for timeshare rentals and timeshare resales on the Internet many people find themselves asking the question, how can I verify the person I am in contact with really has the unit they are advertising? It is totally understandable the person looking to rent a timeshare would ask this question as they are considering […]

An Interesting Timeshare Concept

Companies in all industries have become extremely concerned with their future considering the current economic state, for this reason many of them have resorted to extreme measures to entice consumers to purchase their products. One such measure that I have heard about recently pertains to the auto industry, many dealers are stating that if you […]

Rescinding a Timeshare

Have you recently decided to purchase a timeshare directly from the developer and are having buyers remorse? Don’t worry you are not the first owner to purchase from the resort only to return home and found out this was a terrible mistake. Chances are you were in awe of the resort, its surroundings and the […]

Timeshare Purchase – Finding the Perfect Timeshare Part 2

Last week we posted the first steps for purchasing a timeshare, if you have not yet read the first part of this post, “Timeshare Purchase – Finding the Perfect Timeshare”, we encourage you to go back and do so before reading the remainder of this post. Once you have determined the right location for your […]

Timeshare Purchase – Finding the Perfect Timeshare

Since you have found our website, www.VacationTimeshareRentals.com, there is a possibility you are considering a timeshare purchase. Once you have made the decision to purchase a timeshare there are a few steps that you can follow to help find the right property for you and ensure the transaction goes smoothly. Determine a Location Vacation Timeshare […]