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Bluegreen Restitution Checks Sent Out

Anyone who has been around the timeshare or travel industry for any length of time will be familiar with timeshare promotions. These promotions normally involve the a free or highly discounted stay at a timeshare resort during a given time period, to further entice a prospect to visit a property many timeshare resorts will offer […]

Orange Lake Eliminates 120 Positions

Orange Lake Resort and Country Club has become one of the premier Orlando timeshare resort, recently it was reported by OrlandoSentinel.com the resort would be eliminating around 120 positions around the resort and laying off the people who were employed for these positions. We will hit the highpoints of the article in this post however […]

Timeshare Industry Snapshot

Recently the 12th Annual Vacation Ownership Investment Conference was held in Orlando, Florida and revealed information about the timeshare industry as a whole, which we thought was very interesting. The summary of the conference and full details about the happening were found on OrlandoSentinel.com in an article entitled “Time-share industry learns from credit crunch”, which […]

CBS Article – Things to Buy New and Used

Recently we found an article on CBS.com entitled “Buy It New or Buy It Used?”, the article was filled with different items consumers should consider buying in the secondary market and items which should never be purchased on a second hand basis. We felt the article was interesting enough to post the results, below you […]

The Family Guy Attends A Timeshare Presentation

Everyone has guilty pleasures, things you enjoy doing on a regular basis but are embarrassed to tell others about or fell guilty for doing, one of mine is watching the cartoon “Family Guy”, some of the content is a little offensive at times but for the most part it’s pretty funny if taken with a […]

Central Florida Timeshare Company to Pay Back Wages – Part 2

Timeshare owners and travelers who read our blog on a regular basis will remember reading the story we brought forward involving an Orlando timeshare company, Central Florida Investments, and Westgate Resorts, where employees of Central Florida Investments were suing the company to collect back wages and commissions. We thought the story was over; however there […]

Inside A Timeshare Presentation

Each year thousands of travelers decide to attend timeshare presentations in order to view resort facilities and many times receive free gifts for their time. Many times these gifts will include gift card, free tickets to shows, free trips, or anything the timeshare resort feels will help to bring people in. For those not familiar […]

Avoid Attending Timeshare Resale Seminars

Over the years many timeshare owners have heard about timeshare seminars, most will be familiar with them either by receiving a letter in the mail or a phone call letting the owner know the company will be in their area soon to do a presentation and if the owner is no longer satisfied with their […]

AG Reaches Settlement With Bluegreen

Nearly everyone has heard of timeshare promotions where a resort contacts an individual and agrees to give them prizes such as airline tickets, gift vouchers, free meals, attraction tickets, or something of perceived value for attending a sales presentation at the timeshare resort. Bluegreen Resorts was no different than any other company, in an attempt […]

Timeshare Promotions

Most people have heard of timeshare promotions and know what they are. If you are a regular reader of this blog you will remember we have mentioned timeshare promotions many times in the past. This post will explain what a timeshare promotion is and why many people have taken advantage of them. What is a […]