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The Family Guy Attends A Timeshare Presentation

Everyone has guilty pleasures, things you enjoy doing on a regular basis but are embarrassed to tell others about or fell guilty for doing, one of mine is watching the cartoon “Family Guy”, some of the content is a little offensive at times but for the most part it’s pretty funny if taken with a […]

Inside A Timeshare Presentation

Each year thousands of travelers decide to attend timeshare presentations in order to view resort facilities and many times receive free gifts for their time. Many times these gifts will include gift card, free tickets to shows, free trips, or anything the timeshare resort feels will help to bring people in. For those not familiar […]

Avoid Attending Timeshare Resale Seminars

Over the years many timeshare owners have heard about timeshare seminars, most will be familiar with them either by receiving a letter in the mail or a phone call letting the owner know the company will be in their area soon to do a presentation and if the owner is no longer satisfied with their […]

Preparing For Timeshare Presentations

Sales people in the timeshare industry have become notorious for the hard sell tactics used when a potential buyer visits their resorts. Because the sales staff is prepared to go to extreme measures to get the buyer to purchase a unit at their resort it is important that anyone who participates in these sales meetings […]