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Interesting Insurance Concept For Timeshare Owners

People who love to vacation as well as timeshare owners are most likely familiar with the concept of travel insurance. For anyone who is not familiar, travel insurance allows the person who booked their trip to purchase a policy to provide a refund of the expenses incurred in the event they are unable to travel. […]

New Requirements for Florida HOA Board Members

Florida timeshares as well as timeshare resorts around the United States normally control day to day operations, collection of fees, and improvements of resort either by the timeshare resort developer, a management company, or a home owners association. Often times the resort developer will maintain the control of the timeshare resort until they have sold […]

Proposed Tax Increase For Timeshare Owners

Vacation Timeshare Rentals feels it is our duty to keep people up to date with the happenings around the timeshare industry whether the topic affects timeshare owners, timeshare rentals, or any other aspect of the industry. Today our issue will focus mainly on timeshare owners as it has been reported some owners may be in […]

Timeshare Owners Getting Younger

Every year one of the most notable organizations in the timeshare industry, the American Resort Development Association, releases a report entitled Vacation Timeshare Owners Report. The report is a study of timeshare owners across the United States and gives people in the industry a snapshot of timeshare owners and any new trends. The report found […]

How Many Timeshare Weeks Do You Own?

Timeshare owners obviously are interested in travel and everything that goes along with it, however I was under the impression that many owners only purchased a single week, until recently when I read a statement published by Owners Prospective magazine which claimed that more than 50 percent of owners are interested in owning other weeks. […]

Not Using Your Timeshare Week?

Many timeshare owners contact me on a daily basis wanting to rent out their unit because they are not going to be able to use it this year, while we are happy to help owners rent timeshares I can’t help but wonder what the main reasons would be for someone not visiting their timeshare. I […]

Welcome to the new Vacation Timeshare Rentals blog

We encourage users of VTR to view this section of our site periodically as it will be updated frequently. The blog will be used to post useful articles about timeshares and keep you up to date on the happenings in the timeshare industry. You will also be able to view helpful tips on renting a […]