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2011 Timeshare Industry Predictions

As 2010 draws to a close many people are making “best of” lists or “year in review” lists to remember everything that has happened over the past year. I am always astonished when I view these lists as many of the things that happened seem like they took place so long ago yet they happened […]

Timeshare Industry Snapshot

Recently the 12th Annual Vacation Ownership Investment Conference was held in Orlando, Florida and revealed information about the timeshare industry as a whole, which we thought was very interesting. The summary of the conference and full details about the happening were found on OrlandoSentinel.com in an article entitled “Time-share industry learns from credit crunch”, which […]

ARDA Releases Economic Impact Report

People who have been around the timeshare industry for any amount of time have most likely heard of the organization American Resort Development Association, or ARDA, who has been known for their work in the government to promote the growth of the timeshare and resort development industry. The best description of the mission of ARDA […]

What Does 2010 Hold For The Timeshare Industry?

The start of 2010 is significant for many reasons, not only does it mark the end of 2009 it also marks the end of a decade. When looking back at this decade there are many significant events that happened in business, politics, sports, and almost every aspect of life when someone really starts to think […]

Timeshare Resort Sales – Decline Forecasted

Over the past couple of years it has seemed like the world economy was fighting a losing battle and continuing to decline, nearly every industry was effected by the world economic slump. The timeshare industry was one that remained strong in the midst of the turmoil up until 2008, a report showed a decline from […]