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ARDA Adopts Model Timeshare Resale Act

People within the timeshare industry are most likely familiar with the organization American Resort Development Association, or ARDA for short, which has been a valued member of the timeshare community since their inception. ARDA has a mission to fight for the rights of everyone involved with the timeshare industry from timeshare resort developers down to […]

That Will Be The Day!

Anyone who reads our Timeshare Blog on a regular basis knows we always report what is going on in the timeshare industry whether it is positive or negative, which is why we continue to report on timeshare resale scams, basically this is an effort to get the message out about companies like this to keep […]

New Timeshare Scam Involving Identity Theft – Owners Beware

Being around the timeshare industry for so long I have read or heard about every almost every scam in this industry or so I thought until last week when I read about a new scam and felt I needed to let owners know about it. The most common scams threatening owners are timeshare resale scams, […]

Father Son Team Accused of Ponzi Scheme

Timeshare scams have been on the rise in recent history both from a buyers perspective and a sellers perspective, now more than ever it is crucial anyone associated with this industry does the proper research about any company they are considering doing business with. Recently we found another instance of scam artist committing fraud and […]

Florida AG Continues War On Timeshare Resellers

Regular readers of our blog will know Vacation Timeshare Rentals likes to report new developments in cases involving timeshare resales scam artist, recently the Florida Attorney General has been cracking down on companies who are attempting to defraud the public. The crack down has resulted in many companies being shut down and others being sued […]

Florida Officials Raid Ormond Beach Timeshare Company

Recently the Florida Attorney General has been doing a really good job of cracking down on companies who have been reported by timeshare owners as misleading them to believe for a high upfront fee the company will be able to rent or sell timeshare weeks. The Attorney General receives many complaints about timeshare resale scam […]

Timeshare Relief Settles With Vermont AG

Reports of fraudulent timeshare resale companies have become a very common occurrence during recent history with the decline in the global economy. The reason for this is many people have found they can no longer afford to own their timeshare due to the economic downturn, perhaps they have lost their job or their wages have […]

Spotting A Timeshare Rental Scam

Vacation Timeshare Rentals has been involved in the timeshare industry for a number of years, because our company has been around so long we are familiar with or at least have heard stories about nearly every scam or potential opportunity a scam artist will use to separate someone from their money. There are very few […]

Timeshare Saleswomen Sue Former Employer

Many people are well aware that we feel it is our duty to report to readers about the happenings in the timeshare industry both good and bad, many times this means reporting about timeshare fraud and different scams thought up by crooks around the country. Today we read an article from IslandPacket.com entitled “New complaints […]

Timeshare Scams Continue To Rise

Here at Vacation Timeshare Rentals we have been known since our inception for being an honest low cost company for helping owners to rent or sell a timeshare. We feel along with our reputation there comes a responsibility to let owners and buyers alike aware of the scams out there being committed on a regular […]