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Friar Tuck Up For Auction

Timeshare owners at the resort Nottingham Village at Friar Tuck have had a very interesting year to say the least. Friar Tuck resort had filed for bankruptcy in April of 2010, however since the hotel and timeshare portion of the site were operated as two separate entities the timeshare resort continued to operate for some […]

Advantages of Timeshare Exchange Between Owners

When most timeshare owners think of timeshare exchanges the companies coming to mind are most likely RCI and Interval, while most owners are affiliated with one or both of these companies it is not always necessary to use these companies to exchange a timeshare. Traditionally exchanges are done through an timeshare exchange company so it […]

RCI Sets Ambitious Growth Goal

Timeshare owners around the world are familiar with the term timeshare exchange, and most anyone familiar with this term is also familiar with the company RCI, which is the largest timeshare exchange operator in the world. For people who might not know a timeshare exchange company allows an owner to put their week into a […]

New Timeshare Exchange Site Launched

Many timeshare owners find themselves wanting to use other timeshare resorts around the world, for this reason companies such has RCI and Interval International were created to facilitate the exchanging of timeshare weeks between owners. The way these companies operate is the owner pays an annual fee to be able to deposit their week into […]

RCI Timeshare

People considering purchasing a timeshare are sometimes concerned they will be forced to visit the same location year after year, timeshare exchange companies allow owners the freedom to travel throughout the world. There are two companies that normally handle timeshare exchanges, Resort Condominiums International (RCI) or Interval International (II). Newbies to timesharing may have heard […]