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RCI Introduces Trading Power

Timeshare owners who read our blog on a regular basis know that we try to keep owners up to date with all the latest news and stories occurring in the timeshare industry. These readers have also most likely noticed we have written many blog posts about the largest timeshare exchange company, RCI. If it seems […]

RCI Launches Exchange Protection

When planning a vacation it is always a good idea to purchase some type of travel insurance, after all you never know what can happen between the time you plan for your timeshare vacation and your actual travel dates. Travel insurance comes in a number of different varieties and can cover almost anything one can […]

RCI Going Social

At Vacation Timeshare Rentals we feel it is our responsibility to keep our readers and regular visitors updated with everything going on in the timeshare industry, many times this includes reporting about the new ways larger companies are presenting their products to timeshare owners. One of the most well known company‚Äôs in this industry is […]

RCI TV launches Spanish Channel

Almost every timeshare owner is familiar with the company Resort Condominiums International or RCI, who has been around this industry and involved in it almost from the very beginning. RCI so widely known because of the affiliations with various timeshare resorts and other vacation properties around the world and has become the largest timeshare exchange […]

Second Quarter Progress For RCI

Timeshare owners around the world are most likely familiar with the term timeshare exchange, trading a timeshare week for a week in a different location; most owners who participate in timeshare exchanging do so via a company which specializes in this concept. The largest timeshare exchange company in the world is RCI Resorts, which has […]

New Company Could Shake Up Timeshare Exchanging

Timeshare owners are most likely familiar with the concept of exchanging a timeshare, basically depositing their unit into a pool for others to use while selecting a week from the pool fitting their travel needs. There are two main companies in the timeshare industry who focus solely on timeshare exchanging which are Resort Condominiums International […]

RCI Renews Affiliation With Bluegreen

Members of both Resort Condominiums International (RCI) and Bluegreen Vacation Club were excited to know the affiliation between these two entities would be renewed. The announcement came at the beginning of February, virtually extending the reach of either network to be used by its members. The agreement allows members of RCI to have access to […]

Exchanging Timeshares Between Owners

Most timeshare owners are aware that you can exchange a timeshare week by joining one of the two major exchange companies, Resort Condominiums International (RCI) or Interval International (II). The company that an owner is allowed to join will depend on their home resort, some are only affiliated with RCI others with II , while […]

Resort Condominiums International (RCI) VS. Interval International (II)

Most people who own a timeshare are aware of the timeshare exchange companies associated with this industry. Timeshare exchange companies allow the owner more freedom and flexibility when booking their vacation. These companies allow owners to place their week in a pool or bank for other members to use, in return the owner will receive […]