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Summer Is Half Gone – Time Flies

Today while looking at my calendar I realized July 2010 is almost half way over meaning the summer is almost half way over as well. It seems like just yesterday I was having to bundle up just to venture outside, now I am running the air conditioner on full blast and wondering what happened to […]

Saving Money On Summer Vacation – Part 1

With Memorial Day just around the corner and schools letting out for the summer many families are beginning to plan the ever important and anticipated summer vacation. Both children and parents alike look forward to this time of year when they can relax and have a good time together with just the family. While many […]

Its That Time Again – Part 2

Earlier this week we decided to begin reviewing some of our tips for finding a timeshare rental and how to protect yourself from being defrauded because we realize many families are now starting to plan their anticipated summer vacations and a review of some of these tips may help them. If you are just stumbling […]

Its That Time Again – Part 1

Yes everyone it is that time of year again, the weather is starting to become warmer and everyone is beginning to thaw out from a long winter. During this time of year children are looking forward to being out of school and parents are beginning to plan the long awaited summer vacations they have been […]