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RCI Sets Ambitious Growth Goal

Timeshare owners around the world are familiar with the term timeshare exchange, and most anyone familiar with this term is also familiar with the company RCI, which is the largest timeshare exchange operator in the world. For people who might not know a timeshare exchange company allows an owner to put their week into a […]

RCI Welcomes New Branson Timeshare Resort

Resort Condominiums International or RCI is known as the largest and most diverse timeshare exchange company in the world. Some timeshare owners do have issues with RCI claiming they are unable to find an exchange to fit their needs or the one they do find is not during the right season or not of the […]

RCI Attempts To Drop Friar Tuck

Timeshare owners around the world have become members of the timeshare exchange company known as Resort Condominiums International (RCI), when owners join the club they pay a yearly membership fee in order to deposit their timeshare week into a pool for others to use, in turn they are able to use another owners’ week in […]

Resort Condominiums International (RCI) VS. Interval International (II)

Most people who own a timeshare are aware of the timeshare exchange companies associated with this industry. Timeshare exchange companies allow the owner more freedom and flexibility when booking their vacation. These companies allow owners to place their week in a pool or bank for other members to use, in return the owner will receive […]