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Selling A Timeshare – Attracting Buyers (Part 3)

Timeshare owners who have been following our blog posts and are interested in selling their timeshare have received a great amount of useful information regarding this very topic. If you are just beginning to find our blog and are interested in attracting a buyer for your timeshare we recommend reading Part 1 and Part 2 […]

Selling A Timeshare – Attracting Buyers (Part 2)

If you are interested in selling your timeshare it is important that you follow a number of steps in order to have the best chance of finding a buyer for your unit. We have began going through a checklist that anyone interested in selling should read, if you have not yet read the first part […]

Selling A Timeshare – Attracting Buyers (Part 1)

Many timeshare owners decide to sell a timeshare each year for a wide range of reasons from a change in one’s financial situation to medical circumstances. Once owners have said “I would like to sell my timeshare”, often the next question is “Where do I begin?” Regular readers of our blog will remember our last […]

Selling Your Timeshare – Part 2

This post will give timeshare owners some selling tips that will give them the best chance of selling their timeshare. In a post earlier this week we had discussed the selling process, now we will discuss some tips you can use to sell your timeshare. The first and probably most important tip that I give […]

Selling A Timeshare

If you are timeshare owner interested in selling a timeshare you have most likely thought to yourself, what are the steps involved in selling my timeshare. We receive questions from owners wondering about this very subject almost on a daily basis. In this post we will look at the process involved in selling your timeshare […]