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Marriott Offers Points Based Timeshares

When traveling many people will seek out Marriott hotels due to the level of comfort and luxury provided to its guests, whether it is a nice family vacation to the beach or a business trip only lasting a few days Marriott has become one of the most well known names in the travel industry. Timeshare […]

RCI Renews Affiliation With Bluegreen

Members of both Resort Condominiums International (RCI) and Bluegreen Vacation Club were excited to know the affiliation between these two entities would be renewed. The announcement came at the beginning of February, virtually extending the reach of either network to be used by its members. The agreement allows members of RCI to have access to […]

Ritz Carlton Introduces Points Based System

Points based vacation clubs have been around in the timeshare industry for quite some time now; some of the major players in the industry have built their business model around the flexibility of these programs. Some of the most recognizable names that participate in points based programs are Wyndham Timeshares, Disney Vacation Club, Bluegreen Resorts, […]

Renting Your Points Based Timeshare

One of the most common questions that owners ask me is, “How should I advertise timeshare vacation club points?” There are a couple different suggestions I normally give to them before they list their timeshare for rent with Vacation Timeshare Rentals. The options that I normally give owners is to either list the timeshare as […]