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RCI Introduces Trading Power

Timeshare owners who read our blog on a regular basis know that we try to keep owners up to date with all the latest news and stories occurring in the timeshare industry. These readers have also most likely noticed we have written many blog posts about the largest timeshare exchange company, RCI. If it seems […]

Orange Lake Eliminates 120 Positions

Orange Lake Resort and Country Club has become one of the premier Orlando timeshare resort, recently it was reported by OrlandoSentinel.com the resort would be eliminating around 120 positions around the resort and laying off the people who were employed for these positions. We will hit the highpoints of the article in this post however […]

New Disney Timeshare Resort Rumored

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is perhaps one of the most popular vacation destinations in the United States, especially for families with small children.  The Magical Kingdom receives visits from millions of families from around the world on a yearly basis.  Orlando has also become the Florida timeshare capitol as well as having the […]

Florida Officials Raid Ormond Beach Timeshare Company

Recently the Florida Attorney General has been doing a really good job of cracking down on companies who have been reported by timeshare owners as misleading them to believe for a high upfront fee the company will be able to rent or sell timeshare weeks. The Attorney General receives many complaints about timeshare resale scam […]

Marriott Vacation Club Announces New Orlando Timeshare

Marriott Vacation Club is the branch of the popular lodging brand JW Marriott which handles their presence in the timeshare industry. All of Marriott’s brands are known for the highest level of quality and luxury given to its guests, their timeshare vacation club is no different with thousands of greatly satisfied owners around the world. […]

Florida Timeshares

Florida is considering one of the more popular locations for timesharing, with over 400 resorts in this state, and more on the way, there is plenty too choose from for your family vacation. There are two main attractions in this state that make it world famous, one is the Orlando area where Disney World and […]