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Friar Tuck Up For Auction

Timeshare owners at the resort Nottingham Village at Friar Tuck have had a very interesting year to say the least. Friar Tuck resort had filed for bankruptcy in April of 2010, however since the hotel and timeshare portion of the site were operated as two separate entities the timeshare resort continued to operate for some […]

Friar Truck Closes

Owners of the New York timeshare resort Nottingham Village at Friar Tuck received some bad news last week as the resort was ordered to close its doors for an unspecified period and no one knows exactly when or if they will ever be opened again. Regular readers of our blog will remember we have reported […]

Friar Tuck Update

People reading the Vacation Timeshare Rentals blog on a regular basis will remember a few of the posts we have over the past year involving the timeshare resort Nottingham Village at Friar Tuck. Portions of the resort had gone into disrepair causing RCI Resorts to drop their affiliation with the resort leaving owners in a […]

Friar Tuck Still Requesting Annual Fees

Over the past few months timeshare owners who read our blog will remember our stories about a particular timeshare resort called Nottingham Village at Friar Tuck in Catskills, New York. Initially we reported RCI was attempting to drop the resort from the being affiliated with the well known timeshare exchange company due to the conditions […]

Friar Tuck Resort Shutting Down Amidst Bankruptcy

Timeshare owners around the country might have heard about Friar Tuck filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and continued to follow the story, which recently had a new development when Friar Tuck turned over a portion of its business too Ulster Savings Bank of Kingston. Problems began to surface in the summer of 2009 when Friar […]

RCI Attempts To Drop Friar Tuck

Timeshare owners around the world have become members of the timeshare exchange company known as Resort Condominiums International (RCI), when owners join the club they pay a yearly membership fee in order to deposit their timeshare week into a pool for others to use, in turn they are able to use another owners’ week in […]