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Christmas Travel Memories

With the Christmas holiday just around the corner I began to reflect on some of the trips I have taken in the past around this time of year. Many people will be traveling during this season, most of them to visit their families which they may only see a few times throughout the year. Since […]

Dreaming Of A White Christmas?

During this holiday season many stores, shops, and restaurants will begin playing the standard Christmas tunes, one of the most popular being “White Christmas”, written by Irvin Berlin and sung by Bing Crosby. While there are many people who hope and pray for snow on Christmas every time I hear the song I can’t help […]

Save Money By Traveling During Low Season

Renting a timeshare is regarded by many travelers as one of the best ways to travel and save some money and everyone has been trying to save money when ever they can because of the economic downturn recently. There are many ways timeshare rentals save people money, many times the unit can be rented around […]

Whats The Best New Year’s Vacation Destination? Part 1

Two of the most popular holidays for people to travel in the United States are only separated by a week; of course we are referring to Christmas and New Years. There are many contributing factors making these two holidays popular for travelers, first many people are already taking time from work to be with family […]

Christmas Vacation – Where To Go?

The Christmas holiday is one of the most popular times for people to travel throughout the world; there are a number of different reasons why people travel during this time. Many will be traveling to see family, a few will be traveling to get away from their family, and yet another group will be traveling […]

Giving The Gift Of Timeshares

It is official, the mad dash to Christmas has begun and many people are trying to find the perfect present for their loved ones to unwrap on Christmas morning.  Many consumers feel the shopping season is officially kicked off on Black Friday in the United States, this is the Friday after Thanksgiving, a major holiday […]

Deeded And Leased Timeshares

Travelers interested in buying a timeshare have most likely found there are a number of different options available to them. Many of these options center around the timeshare unit itself, for example number of bedrooms, bathrooms, view, usage time, etc. One subject some people may not be familiar with and overlook is the ownership type […]

Swine Flu Effects On Travel

Most of America has become familiar with the term “Swine Flu” over the past couple of weeks, with many reports of hospitalization and even deaths it is easy to see why coverage in the media has been a hot topic. Swine Flu has been reported in multiple countries throughout the world including, Mexico, United States, […]