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Comments On CBS Money Watch Timeshare Article

Recently there was an article posted on the CBS Money Watch website regarding the timeshare industry, the article was most likely written in relation with the recent quarterly reports released by two of the biggest companies in the timeshare industry, Starwood and Marriott. The article was written by Alison Rogers and is entitled “Should You […]

Marriott Going Green

A topic that has been trending in the news over the past couple of years is the phrase “Going Green”, which is basically an attempt by individuals and companies to lower their effect on our global environment. Some of the more popular ways to do this are purchasing a hybrid car, choosing eco-friendly light bulbs […]

More Signs of Hope For Timeshares

In one of our recent posts we cited some signs that some timeshare companies are continuing to expand operations despite the recession of recent history. In that post “Signs of Hope for Wyndham”, we cited a recent interview with the CEO of Wyndham Stephen Holmes stating that Wyndham was considering purchasing some older resorts and […]

Fourth Quarter Woes for Marriot and Wyndham

The timeshare market has proven to be fairly resilient to the recent economic downturn, leaving some analysts wondering, when will the economy begin to affect the timeshare industry. The answer to this question may have come to realization in the latter part of this week when both Marriott and Wyndham reported losses in the fourth […]