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Update – South Carolina Timeshare Tax

Regular readers will remember our post from a few weeks ago where we discussed a proposal to increase tax for South Carolina Timeshare owners, if you have not read the story yet we would encourage you to catch up before continuing on in this post by visiting “Proposed Tax Increase For Timeshare Owners”. In summary […]

Marriott Sheds Light On Points Program

Marriott Vacation Club recently announced they will be introducing a new timeshare points based program for members of the club to take advantage of while planning vacations. Timeshare points have become popular throughout the industry due to the flexibility and numbers of resorts an owner can visit, some companies have already adopted programs similar to […]

Marriott Offers Points Based Timeshares

When traveling many people will seek out Marriott hotels due to the level of comfort and luxury provided to its guests, whether it is a nice family vacation to the beach or a business trip only lasting a few days Marriott has become one of the most well known names in the travel industry. Timeshare […]

Marriott Vacation Club Announces New Orlando Timeshare

Marriott Vacation Club is the branch of the popular lodging brand JW Marriott which handles their presence in the timeshare industry. All of Marriott’s brands are known for the highest level of quality and luxury given to its guests, their timeshare vacation club is no different with thousands of greatly satisfied owners around the world. […]

Marriott OceanWatch Villas at Grande Dunes Opens Final Phase

Marriott Vacation Club is known as having one of the largest networks in the timeshare industry with over 50 resorts and 11,000 timeshare villas around the world, earlier this week they announced completion of the final phase of one the resorts in their network. Marriott OceanWatch Villas at Grande Dunes in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina […]

Four Marriott Resorts Recognized By Florida Government

At Vacation Timeshare Rentals we have always tried to recognize and report when timeshare companies do something good for their community or are trying to help conserve the planet in a number of different ways. Today we would like to take a moment to recognize Marriott Vacation Club, whose efforts were geared toward conserving the […]

Man Fights Marriott Crystal Shores for Beach Access

Recently an article was published on the website MarcoNews.com by Quentin Roux entitled “Disgruntled timeshare owner seeks out” which brought to light some issues regarding timeshare resorts and the access they allow their owners to have throughout the year to the resort amenities. About a year ago a man named Gary Vinson decided to purchase […]

Marriott Opens 50th Timeshare Resort

Marriott is a company most people have at least heard of and are most well known for their chain of hotels spanning the globe, perhaps it is not as well known for its timeshare properties; however Marriott has become a name synonymous with luxury timeshares for people who follow this industry. Moving forward in this […]

Marriott Going Green

A topic that has been trending in the news over the past couple of years is the phrase “Going Green”, which is basically an attempt by individuals and companies to lower their effect on our global environment. Some of the more popular ways to do this are purchasing a hybrid car, choosing eco-friendly light bulbs […]