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Its Not Too Late For Christmas Travel

Many travelers have been planning their Christmas vacation for a number of months now and some people even started planning for holiday travel immediately after the Christmas season last year. We do realize, however, life happens and sometimes planning for a Christmas timeshare vacation can be put in the back of one’s mind in order […]

New Requirements for Florida HOA Board Members

Florida timeshares as well as timeshare resorts around the United States normally control day to day operations, collection of fees, and improvements of resort either by the timeshare resort developer, a management company, or a home owners association. Often times the resort developer will maintain the control of the timeshare resort until they have sold […]

New Disney Timeshare Resort Rumored

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is perhaps one of the most popular vacation destinations in the United States, especially for families with small children.  The Magical Kingdom receives visits from millions of families from around the world on a yearly basis.  Orlando has also become the Florida timeshare capitol as well as having the […]

Florida Attorney General Continuing to Crack Down

Over the past couple of months we have brought many stories to our readers about the Florida Attorney General and other officials in Florida to crack down on timeshare resale companies who have been reported by consumers as fraudulent. Since Florida timeshare resorts are where the concept began in the United States it makes sense […]

Island One Files For Bankruptcy

As with all industries and businesses in the United States and around the world, the timeshare industry has also been hit fairly hard over the last couple of years with the downturn in the economy. In addition to the economic downturn, real estate values dropped across the United States, especially for Florida timeshares, making it […]

Jet Ski Timesharing Introduced In Australia

The concept of timesharing originated when people realized they could partial owners of a vacation rental property without having to purchase the entire property, allowing a whole new industry to be born and giving a new group of people the opportunity to own a slice of paradise who would have not had the chance before. […]

Four Marriott Resorts Recognized By Florida Government

At Vacation Timeshare Rentals we have always tried to recognize and report when timeshare companies do something good for their community or are trying to help conserve the planet in a number of different ways. Today we would like to take a moment to recognize Marriott Vacation Club, whose efforts were geared toward conserving the […]

Florida Timeshares

Florida is considering one of the more popular locations for timesharing, with over 400 resorts in this state, and more on the way, there is plenty too choose from for your family vacation. There are two main attractions in this state that make it world famous, one is the Orlando area where Disney World and […]