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That Will Be The Day!

Anyone who reads our Timeshare Blog on a regular basis knows we always report what is going on in the timeshare industry whether it is positive or negative, which is why we continue to report on timeshare resale scams, basically this is an effort to get the message out about companies like this to keep […]

Florida Attorney General Continuing to Crack Down

Over the past couple of months we have brought many stories to our readers about the Florida Attorney General and other officials in Florida to crack down on timeshare resale companies who have been reported by consumers as fraudulent. Since Florida timeshare resorts are where the concept began in the United States it makes sense […]

TS Luxury Group Shut Down

If you are read our blog on a regular basis you will know we love to report about timeshare scam artist being shut down, as this is a big step in improving the timeshare industry‚Äôs reputation and allowing legitimate companies such as Vacation Timeshare Rentals to operate without being associated with the criminals who have […]

Florida AG Continues War On Timeshare Resellers

Regular readers of our blog will know Vacation Timeshare Rentals likes to report new developments in cases involving timeshare resales scam artist, recently the Florida Attorney General has been cracking down on companies who are attempting to defraud the public. The crack down has resulted in many companies being shut down and others being sued […]

Florida Officials Raid Ormond Beach Timeshare Company

Recently the Florida Attorney General has been doing a really good job of cracking down on companies who have been reported by timeshare owners as misleading them to believe for a high upfront fee the company will be able to rent or sell timeshare weeks. The Attorney General receives many complaints about timeshare resale scam […]

Florida Officials Arrest Two Timeshare Scam Artists

Many people will remember our recent posts about the Florida Attorney General and their attempts to crack down on timeshare scams and shut the operations down which Florida has become notorious for over the last couple of years. Just in case criminals were not taking the serious we found a press release from Florida officials […]

Timeshare Scams Continue To Rise

Here at Vacation Timeshare Rentals we have been known since our inception for being an honest low cost company for helping owners to rent or sell a timeshare. We feel along with our reputation there comes a responsibility to let owners and buyers alike aware of the scams out there being committed on a regular […]

Florida Attorney General Cracking Down

In the last couple of weeks we have seen a number of different articles regarding Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum and his office really cracking down on companies who are defrauding timeshare owners in South Florida. Most timeshare owners are familiar with the scenario of getting a phone call about selling their timeshare only to […]

Florida Attorney General Targets Timeshare Scam Artists

One of the main goals of this blog is to keep readers up to date regarding the latest timeshare scams and hopefully help others from being defrauded by these individuals and in some cases companies trying to separate owners and renters from their money. Regular readers know that many of our posts have focused on […]