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Holiday Traditions

We would like to take some time today to discuss some of our readers’ favorite Christmas traditions. At Vacation Timeshare Rentals we do realize not everyone celebrates Christmas, however the vast majority of people in the United States to celebrate this joyful holiday and even if your family does not celebrate it most people are […]

Christmas Travel Memories

With the Christmas holiday just around the corner I began to reflect on some of the trips I have taken in the past around this time of year. Many people will be traveling during this season, most of them to visit their families which they may only see a few times throughout the year. Since […]

Dreaming Of A White Christmas?

During this holiday season many stores, shops, and restaurants will begin playing the standard Christmas tunes, one of the most popular being “White Christmas”, written by Irvin Berlin and sung by Bing Crosby. While there are many people who hope and pray for snow on Christmas every time I hear the song I can’t help […]

TripAdvisor Releases Top 10 Beach and Sun Locations

With schools beginning to let out and summer just around the corner many people are beginning to plan their summer vacations with family and friends. Perhaps the most important and sometimes hardest question to answer is which destination will be visited during a summer trip; after all you will be spending your hard earned dollars […]

Whats The Best New Year’s Vacation Destination? Part 1

Two of the most popular holidays for people to travel in the United States are only separated by a week; of course we are referring to Christmas and New Years. There are many contributing factors making these two holidays popular for travelers, first many people are already taking time from work to be with family […]

Florida Timeshares

Florida is considering one of the more popular locations for timesharing, with over 400 resorts in this state, and more on the way, there is plenty too choose from for your family vacation. There are two main attractions in this state that make it world famous, one is the Orlando area where Disney World and […]