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ARDA Adopts Model Timeshare Resale Act

People within the timeshare industry are most likely familiar with the organization American Resort Development Association, or ARDA for short, which has been a valued member of the timeshare community since their inception. ARDA has a mission to fight for the rights of everyone involved with the timeshare industry from timeshare resort developers down to […]

ARDA Releases Economic Impact Report

People who have been around the timeshare industry for any amount of time have most likely heard of the organization American Resort Development Association, or ARDA, who has been known for their work in the government to promote the growth of the timeshare and resort development industry. The best description of the mission of ARDA […]

Proposed Tax Increase For Timeshare Owners

Vacation Timeshare Rentals feels it is our duty to keep people up to date with the happenings around the timeshare industry whether the topic affects timeshare owners, timeshare rentals, or any other aspect of the industry. Today our issue will focus mainly on timeshare owners as it has been reported some owners may be in […]

Hawaii Timeshares Continue To Grow

Hawaii timeshares are one of the most popular locations for travelers from around the United States as well as the world to visit, thanks to it warm and relaxing beaches as well as some of the most gorgeous tropical views and sunsets on the planet. With its picturesque back drop Hawaii has been the location […]

Timeshare Resorts Help Stranded Travelers

With so many negative stories coming out about timeshare scams and timeshare resorts across the United States and Europe we feel it is only fair to also report when the timeshare industry does something to help those in need especially at a time of crisis. Recently airlines across Europe have been forced to cancel flights […]

The Resort Development Organization – Europes Timeshare Police

People who read our blog on a regular basis will know we normally focus on topics related to United States timeshares, however today we would like to cover a subject relating to the same industry across the ocean in Europe. I have been reading lately about an organization in Europe seeking to place greater regulations […]

Timeshare Owners Getting Younger

Every year one of the most notable organizations in the timeshare industry, the American Resort Development Association, releases a report entitled Vacation Timeshare Owners Report. The report is a study of timeshare owners across the United States and gives people in the industry a snapshot of timeshare owners and any new trends. The report found […]