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Its Not Too Late For Christmas Travel

Many travelers have been planning their Christmas vacation for a number of months now and some people even started planning for holiday travel immediately after the Christmas season last year. We do realize, however, life happens and sometimes planning for a Christmas timeshare vacation can be put in the back of one’s mind in order […]

ARDA Adopts Model Timeshare Resale Act

People within the timeshare industry are most likely familiar with the organization American Resort Development Association, or ARDA for short, which has been a valued member of the timeshare community since their inception. ARDA has a mission to fight for the rights of everyone involved with the timeshare industry from timeshare resort developers down to […]

Christmas Travel Memories

With the Christmas holiday just around the corner I began to reflect on some of the trips I have taken in the past around this time of year. Many people will be traveling during this season, most of them to visit their families which they may only see a few times throughout the year. Since […]

Dreaming Of A White Christmas?

During this holiday season many stores, shops, and restaurants will begin playing the standard Christmas tunes, one of the most popular being “White Christmas”, written by Irvin Berlin and sung by Bing Crosby. While there are many people who hope and pray for snow on Christmas every time I hear the song I can’t help […]

New Car Timeshare Concept

People applied the timesharing concept to almost anything one can imagine, obviously the idea originated with vacation timeshares where people purchase time at a resort during a given period and are allowed to use their ownership during their allotted time period. However from these humble beginnings the concept has been applied to many different luxury […]

RCI Launches Exchange Protection

When planning a vacation it is always a good idea to purchase some type of travel insurance, after all you never know what can happen between the time you plan for your timeshare vacation and your actual travel dates. Travel insurance comes in a number of different varieties and can cover almost anything one can […]

Timeshares Are King In Williamsburg

There are a few trips that every family across the United States should take while their children are growing up, the first and most obvious is taking the trip to an Orlando timeshare to visit the most famous theme park in the USA of course we are talking about Walt Disney World. Most families also […]

Advantages of Timeshare Exchange Between Owners

When most timeshare owners think of timeshare exchanges the companies coming to mind are most likely RCI and Interval, while most owners are affiliated with one or both of these companies it is not always necessary to use these companies to exchange a timeshare. Traditionally exchanges are done through an timeshare exchange company so it […]

Thanksgiving Travel 2010

Its really hard to believe Thanksgiving for the year of 2010 is just around the corner, it seems like just yesterday we were bringing in the new year and now we have entered the second to last month of the year. Many families and friends look forward to November simply because of Thanksgiving as this […]

That Will Be The Day!

Anyone who reads our Timeshare Blog on a regular basis knows we always report what is going on in the timeshare industry whether it is positive or negative, which is why we continue to report on timeshare resale scams, basically this is an effort to get the message out about companies like this to keep […]