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2011 Timeshare Industry Predictions

As 2010 draws to a close many people are making “best of” lists or “year in review” lists to remember everything that has happened over the past year. I am always astonished when I view these lists as many of the things that happened seem like they took place so long ago yet they happened […]

ARDA Adopts Model Timeshare Resale Act

People within the timeshare industry are most likely familiar with the organization American Resort Development Association, or ARDA for short, which has been a valued member of the timeshare community since their inception. ARDA has a mission to fight for the rights of everyone involved with the timeshare industry from timeshare resort developers down to […]

New Timeshare Resort Seeks Approval In Aspen

Colorado timeshares have become very popular among skiers and snowboarders across the United States, especially in the south and Midwest portions of the country. The popularity of this state stems from the numerous mountain ski resorts within this state. Colorado is known for the large amounts of snow it receives each year and has hosted […]

Wyndham Beats Third Quarter Expectations

Timeshare owners and travelers around the world are familiar with Wyndham Worldwide Corp or at least some of the affiliate companies who provide various lodging options in many different countries around the world. Recently Wyndham released a report covering their earnings and profit from the third quarter for 2010. The report contained a large amount […]

Disney Timeshare Resort Sells Out

Families, Disney enthusiasts, and timeshare owners around the world have joined the Disney Vacation Club, which offers a taste of the unique experience only Disney can provide as well as the chance to become a timeshare owner and travel around the country. Disney timeshares were mainly confined to Florida timeshare resorts and a few other […]

Disney Resorts Gearing Up For Halloween

Disney Vacation Resorts are among the most popular timeshare destinations for families with children as the lovable characters come to life at any of the resorts when visiting. A typical day at Walt Disney World in Orlando might begin by having breakfast with Mickey Mouse in the morning, riding as many roller coasters and theme […]

That Will Be The Day!

Anyone who reads our Timeshare Blog on a regular basis knows we always report what is going on in the timeshare industry whether it is positive or negative, which is why we continue to report on timeshare resale scams, basically this is an effort to get the message out about companies like this to keep […]

Timeshare Industry Snapshot

Recently the 12th Annual Vacation Ownership Investment Conference was held in Orlando, Florida and revealed information about the timeshare industry as a whole, which we thought was very interesting. The summary of the conference and full details about the happening were found on in an article entitled “Time-share industry learns from credit crunch”, which […]

Tips for Rescinding/Canceling a Timeshare Contract

At Vacation Timeshare Rentals we receive emails from people on a regular basis describing their encounter while visiting a resort for a timeshare promotion, the story is often the same, the party took advantage a deal which offered a discounted stay at the resort in exchange the party is required to attend a timeshare sales […]

Wyndham Continuing To Grow

Wyndham Vacation Resorts could possibly be the largest operator of timeshare resorts around the world when one considers all the different affiliations this company has gathered over the years. Wyndham is frequently in the news for either building a new resort, planning a new resort, extending their network of affiliated resorts, or acquiring different companies. […]