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TS Luxury Group Shut Down

If you are read our blog on a regular basis you will know we love to report about timeshare scam artist being shut down, as this is a big step in improving the timeshare industry’s reputation and allowing legitimate companies such as Vacation Timeshare Rentals to operate without being associated with the criminals who have […]

Changing Ownership Of A Timeshare

At Vacation Timeshare Rentals we receive email requests on a regular basis from owners asking about how to change the name on their timeshare deed; however they are not selling a timeshare simply transferring ownership. They may need to do this for a number of different reasons including divorce, remarriage, or simply because they are […]

BBB Warns of St. Louis Timeshare Company

One of the best ways to educate timeshare owners about avoiding resale scams is to alert them anytime a new timeshare resale scam is reported and give all the information available to alert as many people as possible. Recently a resale scam was reported out of St. Louis by the Better Business Bureau or BBB, […]

Avoid Attending Timeshare Resale Seminars

Over the years many timeshare owners have heard about timeshare seminars, most will be familiar with them either by receiving a letter in the mail or a phone call letting the owner know the company will be in their area soon to do a presentation and if the owner is no longer satisfied with their […]

New Mexico Timeshare Scam

Once again we have to report about another timeshare scam company beginning to show up in another region of the United States. It is becoming an all too common story from local and national media outlets reporting of a company contacting timeshare owners and asking if they would like to sell a timeshare and the […]

Florida Officials Arrest Two Timeshare Scam Artists

Many people will remember our recent posts about the Florida Attorney General and their attempts to crack down on timeshare scams and shut the operations down which Florida has become notorious for over the last couple of years. Just in case criminals were not taking the serious we found a press release from Florida officials […]

Timeshare Scams Continue To Rise

Here at Vacation Timeshare Rentals we have been known since our inception for being an honest low cost company for helping owners to rent or sell a timeshare. We feel along with our reputation there comes a responsibility to let owners and buyers alike aware of the scams out there being committed on a regular […]

Better Business Bureau Weighs In On Selling A Timeshare

Consumers considering doing business with a company find it helpful to read reviews and ratings posted by other individuals who have dealt with the company in question in the past. One of the most popular ways to research a company is to visit the Better Business Bureau, known as BBB for short, for information regarding […]

Comments On CBS Money Watch Timeshare Article

Recently there was an article posted on the CBS Money Watch website regarding the timeshare industry, the article was most likely written in relation with the recent quarterly reports released by two of the biggest companies in the timeshare industry, Starwood and Marriott. The article was written by Alison Rogers and is entitled “Should You […]

NBC Today Show – How To Sell A Timeshare

Those of you who watch NBC’s “Today Show” on a regular basis might have seen the interview between Natalie Morales and Prudential Realty agent Barbara Corcoran, regarding how to sell a timeshare. She offers some good advice to owners who are considering selling a timeshare. If you have not viewed this interview yet you can […]