2011 Timeshare Industry Predictions

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As 2010 draws to a close many people are making “best of” lists or “year in review” lists to remember everything that has happened over the past year. I am always astonished when I view these lists as many of the things that happened seem like they took place so long ago yet they happened just in the past year. At Vacation Timeshare Rentals rather than making a year in review list we have decided to look forward to 2011 and make a few predictions about the timeshare and travel industry.

We feel during 2011 the travel industry as whole will see a dramatic increase as families begin feeling more comfortable spending their money on leisure activities. Over the past few years many people have felt the pinch of the downturn in the economy and therefore decided to skip their vacation timeshare plans or travel somewhere closer to home, in the upcoming year we feel families will begin traveling with more frequency as well as be willing to travel across the country. Business travel will also see a dramatic increase in frequency as companies begin to see increased revenue from consumer spending and feel more comfortable sending their employees around the country to conduct business. Secondly we feel the increased travel demand will lead to an increase in timeshare rentals. Since people and businesses will be more likely to travel during 2011 timeshare owners who are trying to rent their timeshare will find their units drawing more interest than over the past few years. Due to the increased demand for rental units owners will also find they are able to increase their asking price, before many owners were trying to simply cover their maintenance fees when renting, there may be a little room for profit in the upcoming year. Finally we expect timeshare resales to remain in the same position they have been for the last couple of years. While travelers will be willing to travel more often they may not feel comfortable enough to commit to purchasing a timeshare and would rather rent a timeshare to make sure the economy continues to stabilize during the next year. While owners will find timeshare rentals increasing in both frequency and price timeshare resales will most likely not follow that trend this year, however resales should be set for increased activity during the following year if the economy continue to grow and people continue to gain a since of security and confidence in it. Owners trying to sell a timeshare should also make sure to list it as available for rent as well, this way they are able to at least cover maintenance fees for the year.

Making predictions is a fun way to look forward to the New Year, what are some of your predictions for 2011?


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Time January 12, 2011 at 11:20 am

I think this year time share market will be flourishing as now the market is reaching the sky and so there is huge profit in the market. So more and more people will be opting for this luxury.

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