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It is almost impossible to believe 2010 is about to come to an end, it seems like just yesterday we were ringing in 2010 and starting a new decade. Since we are about to begin the New Year we would like for our readers to share some of their top timeshare destinations to ring in the holiday, we will discuss a few of the more popular locations people have suggested as the top places to celebrate the coming of a New Year.

When thinking about New Years destinations the first one coming to many people’s mind is New York. This city receives the most media coverage and is known for the famous ball dropping ceremony held in Times Square. Every year it seems this is event is growing larger and larger; personally I have not been there during this time but have spoken with people who have and say it is an experience they will never forget and recommend celebrating the New Year in New York at least once during a lifetime. Renting a New York timeshare during this celebration provides the perfect balance, you will have a sanctuary to escape the party and crowds however you will also be close enough to the action when the time comes. Las Vegas timeshares are also a hot commodity during this time of year; this city is known for going over the top for any event no matter the size, so one can imagine the New Year celebration will be among the largest and most extravagant parties around the country. Personally I am a huge fan of fireworks and would love to see the show this city puts on during their New Year’s Eve celebration. Another location that would be interesting to visit during this time of year is New Orleans. This city is most famous for its Mardi Gras celebration, however the city also provides a great atmosphere to celebrate the new year. Imagine walking down Frenchman Street or Bourbon Street and seeing people dancing in the street as the sweet tunes of brass bands fill the air. True to the New Orleans style you will most likely see people dressed up in all sorts of interesting costumes and people who are normally fairly reserved throwing their inhibitions to the wind.

While these are some of the more popular destinations they are certainly not the only places to rent a timeshare and celebrate the first day of a new year. What are your favorite timeshare rental locations during this holiday?

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