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We would like to take some time today to discuss some of our readers’ favorite Christmas traditions. At Vacation Timeshare Rentals we do realize not everyone celebrates Christmas, however the vast majority of people in the United States to celebrate this joyful holiday and even if your family does not celebrate it most people are not working and use this time to spend the time off with their family and friends. As we have discussed in previous posts there are many different timeshare rental locations and favored destinations for people around the country, some like to visit the beach timeshares to escape the cold weather while others enjoy hitting the slopes for a skiing or snowboarding adventure, there is also a third group which stays close to home to spend this holiday with their family.

For starters I will describe some of the traditions my family has during this holiday to celebrate and enjoy time with one another. Christmas in my family is really a two day event, on Christmas Eve everyone visits a central location for a celebration with the extended family. Aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, brothers, and sisters all gather the night before Christmas to exchange gifts, enjoy a huge meal with ever dessert one can imagine, and take the time to visit with one another reminiscing on past Christmas holidays and taking the time to catch up. The crowd will slowly dwindle down as the night goes on and everyone will return to their homes. After celebrating with our extended family on Christmas Eve, my immediate family and I gather for another celebration on Christmas morning. As long as I can remember on Christmas morning we would wake up and immediately start opening presents, most times way to early when my siblings and I were young. After the whirlwind of exchanging and opening gifts occurs everyone pitches in to create the biggest homemade breakfast complete with biscuits and gravy, ham, bacon, eggs, pancakes, and any other special request made by any member in the family. As you can imagine it is a fairly exhausting, but extremely entertaining morning. After cleaning up the huge mess we have made both from opening gifts and making breakfast we normally play a game or watch a movie, one of my favorite Christmas movies is the 1989 Chevy Chase film “Christmas Vacation”, it seems no matter how many times I watch this movie I find myself in tears of laughter by the end. Even though my siblings and I are well into adulthood, we have tried to keep these traditions alive as much as possible, we are unable to spend as much time together for this holiday as we have in the past due to other obligations, but it is always worth the trip down memory lane to reminisce on the times we shared growing up.

As our readers can probably tell my Christmas traditions do not normally involve timeshare travel, however I have always thought it would be fun to take a trip during Christmas as a family. Many families have built their traditions around renting a timeshare during this time of year. If your family like to travel during this time is there a favorite location you have visited that has become a traditional Christmas vacation spot? Please feel free to share with us any of your favorite Christmas traditions.

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