Whats Your Dream Vacation?

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Anyone who loves to travel has most likely spent some time thinking about their dream vacation and the arrangements it would take to make the vacation happen. While most people take some vacation time throughout a given year the vacation of your dreams is not normally a yearly event, however it is something that is very fun to think about and imagine. Since people differ in many different ways one person’s idea of the perfect vacation may vary greatly from another person’s dream getaway. Today we would like or readers to start thinking about their ideal vacation and share it with us.

I will begin the discussion by sharing one my dream vacations, as I have many involving different locations and activities, which I have thought about for a number of years. My dream vacation would take place in the early summer time and take around three weeks to one month. The first leg of my trip would be spent in a Hawaii timeshare, I have never personally been to Hawaii but have seen pictures and heard stories from travelers about the beauty and serenity of these islands. While there some of the activities I would like to explore are taking a helicopter tour of the island, hiking on the island to find some of the most breathtaking views on earth, and visiting the lava fields in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. In addition to these activities I would also make sure to have enough time on the islands to participate in my favorite beach timeshare activity, which is simply relaxing on the beach under an umbrella and watching the waves continually come on shore. While visiting Hawaii I would also like to take some time learning about the various customs and unique culture the island life has to offer. After my time on the island is finished I would like to continue westward and visit a country in Asia, possibly acquiring lodging in Japan timeshare or a Taiwan timeshare during my stay in this area. The different cultures and history in Asia have always interested me and I believe would provide the perfect opportunity to explore a completely different way of life. During my time in Asia I would definitely take the time to visit any and all tourist attractions, I normally try to avoid visiting popular tourist locations in the United States, however in a country I know very little about it seems like it would be very educational and help me to understand the culture and history of this area.

What are some of your dream vacation ideas have you already taken your dream vacation if so let us know how it went and if it lived up to your expectations? Are you ready to start planning the perfect holiday getaway, let us help by finding the perfect timeshare rental for your vacation.

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