Christmas Travel Memories

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With the Christmas holiday just around the corner I began to reflect on some of the trips I have taken in the past around this time of year. Many people will be traveling during this season, most of them to visit their families which they may only see a few times throughout the year. Since most offices are fairly slow during the holiday season many view it as the perfect time to see their families as well as enjoy a fun filled family vacation. Often times the most difficult part of planning a timeshare vacation during this time of year is deciding where to go. For this reason I have decided to post some of my favorite trip ideas for this time of year to give everyone some ideas.

Most of my Christmas travel memories have to do with skiing or snowboarding, when I was younger all of my trips to the mountains were strictly for skiing, however after trying snowboarding I deciding I enjoyed it immensely more than skiing and I have not looked back since. Anyone who has ever been skiing or snowboarding knows the feeling of flying down the mountain on the edge of being out of control is truly unmatched and can bring even the most mature person back to the point of giggling like a small child. While there are many people who would agree that skiing during this time of year would be the perfect relaxing escape I know there is another group who would disagree and feel that visiting a tropical location would be ideal for this time of year, after all most places around the country are beginning to receive very cold temperatures and people are seeking to warm up during their vacation. Beach timeshare vacations during this time of year can be a great way to get away from the cooler temperatures and relax. While I have never visited a tropical location during the winter I know many people love to visit Mexico timeshares during this time of year, in fact the winter months are the most popular for people in the United States to head south to Mexico for vacation.

For myself as many others around the country Christmas day is spent with the family and skipping this important family time is not favored, however no one said you can’t have your things ready to go and leave the day after Christmas or even on Christmas day after all family activities. As briefly mentioned above the week between Christmas and New Year’s is normally not a very busy one for many offices and supervisors seem to be generous in giving time off to employees during the last week of the year. No matter what your idea of the perfect Christmas vacation the goal should always be to relax and re-cooperate your mind and body for the upcoming year. We would love to hear from our readers about this subject, what are your favorite winter timeshare locations to visit?

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