RCI Introduces Trading Power

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Timeshare owners who read our blog on a regular basis know that we try to keep owners up to date with all the latest news and stories occurring in the timeshare industry. These readers have also most likely noticed we have written many blog posts about the largest timeshare exchange company, RCI. If it seems like we have written quite often about this company it is because we have, however they have been making many upgrades and changes to their system and product in an effort to better the timeshare exchange process for their users. Over the past year RCI has really attempted to make contacting and learning about their process as easy as possible for prospective owners wanting to exchange a timeshare. They have recently started a blog, developed an app for the IPhone, created a YouTube channel, and created a Spanish version of their YouTube channel to reach the Spanish speaking audience. With so many new changes and improvements going on it comes as no surprise we found another article about a change to the trading process which will benefit owners.

Recently officials at RCI announced they would be assigning trading power to every week an owner wishes to deposit into their system. More prominent weeks such as a Christmas Orlando timeshare week will be assigned a higher value than a low season week somewhere else. Since it was reported most owners at RCI would rather trade down for lesser weeks this system will allow them to do so without losing any of the value of their weeks. Instead of trading a more prominent level week for a lesser demand week straight up, the owner will now receive a deposit credit into their account for the remainder of the trading value when trading down. On the same line of logic a timeshare owner who has a week with less trading power can pull from future usages in order to trade up in the system. In the past members of RCI were limited to a selection of weeks which were of the level or lower than their week, now the entire RCI pool will be opened up for every member. There will most likely be some members who are upset to learn the true trading value of their week if they have been over valuing their timeshare ownership, on the other hand some owners may be pleasantly surprised to learn their week has a higher trading value than they had originally thought.

RCI officials say they have introduced trading power in an effort to stimulate owners into trading their timeshares more often, which will result in greater revenue for the company but the owners are also receiving benefit from the new system. If you are a member of RCI how do you feel about the new trading power rankings?

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