New Car Timeshare Concept

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People applied the timesharing concept to almost anything one can imagine, obviously the idea originated with vacation timeshares where people purchase time at a resort during a given period and are allowed to use their ownership during their allotted time period. However from these humble beginnings the concept has been applied to many different luxury items including boats, jet skis, planes, high end cars, and even in some cases pets. When we hear of a new concept or variation on a timeshare concept we like to post about it for the fun of our readers, we find it interesting to learn how some people are applying the concept and hope our readers do as well.

We recently found an article about a company located in the San Francisco area called Getaround. The main focus of Getaround’s business model is to help automobile owners turn their car into a modified version of a timeshare. People who travel a lot either for business or pleasure will normally need a rental car for at least a few days, everyone who has rented a car recently knows the added fees for parking, fuel, and maintenance can add up very quickly taking money away from other planned activities for the trip, this company is seeking to offset some of these costs by renting cars directly from owners. With Getaround the automobile owners set the price at which they are willing to rent their vehicle to another person who is visiting the area, since the person is already paying for parking and maintenance of the vehicle the savings are normally passed along to the renter. Many people would be very leery of letting a stranger drive their vehicle around town; this is also covered by Getaround. In addition to brokering the deal between owner and renter the company also provides insurance in the event something happens to the car or it is damaged when the person is using it. A mobile app was also developed by the company for the convenience of users allowing them to find vehicles in close proximity to where they plan on staying and even unlocking the doors of the vehicle they decide to rent. The company has reported they will be able to provide access to high end cars as well as normal more modest vehicles. California recently passed legislation making it legal for companies like this one to operate; it will be interesting to see if more companies like this one begin to open for business around highly populated California cities or if the concept will even prove to be successful.

Personally I would have a hard time letting a stranger drive my vehicle, I take pride in keeping my car in order both in appearance and performance, however I could be in the minority some people might like the concept of being able to offset some of the costs of ownership by letting someone else use their vehicle in return for some extra cash. How do you feel about this concept would you be willing to participate in the program if it was offered in your area?

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