Jet Ski Timesharing Introduced In Australia

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The concept of timesharing originated when people realized they could partial owners of a vacation rental property without having to purchase the entire property, allowing a whole new industry to be born and giving a new group of people the opportunity to own a slice of paradise who would have not had the chance before. The concept began in the 1960s in Europe and was brought to the United States in the late 1960s, Hawaii timeshares and Florida timeshares were the first locations in the USA to be offered as timeshare resorts. From these humble beginnings the concept began to spread like wild fire and would eventual grew into a billion dollar industry. After seeing success in the travel industry many businesses began applying the concept to other luxury items such as airplanes, yachts, cars, and I have even heard of the concept being applied to pets. Recently the concept was applied to owning jet skis in Australia.

Anyone familiar with the timeshare industry will have an idea of how the business model works; families can buy partial ownership of a newly purchased Jet Ski for $6,000, when compared to the cost of purchasing their very owner new Jet Ski for $20,000, the concept really begins sound appealing to people interested in owning a personal water craft. In addition to the Jet Ski the party who buys into the Jet Ski will be provided with safety training and all of the equipment needed to operate the personal watercraft such as life vests and trailers to haul the Jet Ski and equipment. All service and maintenance will be included in the cost; the owner will only be responsible for the fuel and any extra equipment needed during their use of the Jet Ski. The company has set limits of four owners per watercraft giving each owner access to the craft for roughly 13 weeks out of a given year, just like timesharing in the travel industry the owner will be allowed to exchange their usage with another owner or sell a timeshare interest to another party. The company reports the watercraft will be sold after two years of usage, allowing the craft to stay under factory warranty for the entire ownership of the vessel, the funds from the sale will be split among the owners who will have the option of collecting the money or putting it towards the purchase of a new personal watercraft. Initially the company will have operations in six ports in Australia, all chosen because of the large number of watercraft already registered around the ports. The ports of operation will be Noosa, Mooloolaba, Maroochydore, Caloundra, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

We would be interested to hear from our readers about this concept, have you ever bought a timeshare into something used other than travel? What are some of the more interesting items you have send this concept applied too? If you are interested in visiting Australia please visit our Australia Timeshares section.

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