Spotting A Timeshare Rental Scam

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Vacation Timeshare Rentals has been involved in the timeshare industry for a number of years, because our company has been around so long we are familiar with or at least have heard stories about nearly every scam or potential opportunity a scam artist will use to separate someone from their money. There are very few new scams only variations of timeshare scams from years past with new people running the operation. A few of the most common scams are high upfront fees to sell a timeshare, a scam artist contacting someone who is an owner with a unit for rent and agreeing to pay them more than the amount of the rental and have the owner send them back the remainder, and a scam artist using a fake name and timeshare advertisement to lure in unsuspecting renters for the imaginary unit. Today we would like to focus on the last case mentioned, as a user of our site recently reported someone trying to use this tactic to take their money.

The listing in question was for a two bedroom unit at Disney Beach Club Villas in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. The scammer had taken the information possibly from somewhere on the internet or simply made up the listing and posted a price for rental which was too good to pass up. Once the user of our site contacted this person the red flags were raised at an alarming rate. First the scam artist requested the person pay for the rental via wire transfer with a deposit of 75% to hold the timeshare rental for the user. We estimate around 95% of the time when someone requests the user to pay for a timeshare rental via wire transfer they are up to no good and most likely are trying to defraud the other party. Secondly the scam artist used three different names during their correspondence with the person wanting to rent the timeshare. They used one name when signing up for our service, another when replying to the user, and yet another name was used on the account for the wire transfer to be sent too. Some people might try to give them the benefit of the doubt with two different names, maybe a husband and wife, however in this case none of the three names shared any commonalities between them, all three surnames were completely different and independent from each other. Finally the location of the bank where the wire was to be sent and the location where the “owner” stated they lived were in completely different parts of the United States. The rental agreement form the scammer sent to the user with the wire request had the bank listed in Florida, however earlier in the conversation the person told the renter they were from Oklahoma. All of these factors can only point to one thing, timeshare fraud.

At Vacation Timeshare Rentals we work very hard to keep these types of individuals from listing their timeshare, there are multiple check points in the listing process to catch criminals, however there are a few that will slip through the cracks every now and then, however reported cases like this are few and far between. We take our reputation and these attempts at timeshare fraud very serious, which is why we want to let everyone know how to spot scammers and the tactics they use. If you have contacted an owner on our site and are suspicious of them please contact us so we can investigate the matter. Timeshare renters must remember to use their instincts and look for tell tale signs of fraud when renting a timeshare to ensure they are not scammed, if you fear you might have been contacted by a scam artist we always recommend ceasing all communication with that party and moving forward in finding another rental.


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Time September 9, 2010 at 12:13 am

What a blogpost!! Very interesting… Looking for more posts like this!! Do you have twitter or an RSS feed?
Anyway thank you for this blog.

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Time September 10, 2010 at 8:39 am

Thank you for reading, we hope you found this post interesting. If you would like to read further about timeshare scams please visit the following page:

Yes we do have a Twitter account which we update on a regular basis, please follow us:

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