Friar Tuck Still Requesting Annual Fees

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Over the past few months timeshare owners who read our blog will remember our stories about a particular timeshare resort called Nottingham Village at Friar Tuck in Catskills, New York. Initially we reported RCI was attempting to drop the resort from the being affiliated with the well known timeshare exchange company due to the conditions of the resort which had fallen into disrepair. A few months after that it was reported part of the resort would be shutting down due to foreclosure while the timeshare portion would remain open for use. The future is not looking very bright for this resort and its owners, however management of this particular timeshare resort have began sending out letters to owners requesting payment of their maintenance fees despite the recent troubles the resort has been reported to have. While most owners have paid their annual fees there are some who have been hesitant to pay due to the lack of certainty concerning the resorts’ future, this leads a person to ponder what the right decision in this situation is.

Paying maintenance fees to a resort which is in foreclosure really puts the timeshare owner in an awkward situation, with two very different perspectives on the matter. On one hand the resort could shut down at anytime so the owner could be out the money they have paid to use their unit for this year but there will be no timeshare unit to use. It is easy to understand why an owner would be hesitant to pay fees given the foreclosure and uncertainty of the resort, especially when money is tight; no one wants to pay for a vacation in advance they may not ever get to use. In addition if RCI drops the resort the owner will not be able to even bank their week with the timeshare exchange company for use at a later date. On the other hand what if the resort comes out of foreclosure and returns to its once prominent stature in the New York timeshare industry. If the owner has chosen not to pay they will not be able to use the timeshare and most likely the resort will turn the fees due over to a collection agency which will hound them as well as placing a black mark on the owners’ credit history. Also if a number owners decided to not pay their fees the resort would have no money to keep up the already deteriorating amenities which would fall into worse condition. If this continued for a number of years the resort could worsen to the point where they are forced to shut down simply due to the fact there is not enough money coming to keep the property up to the standard expected by travelers visiting the resort.

I do not envy the timeshare owners who are currently in the situation above as this would be a really tough decision for anyone to make when weighing out the consequences of paying the fees or simply ignoring them. Hopefully this does not happen in any other timeshare resorts so others are not forced to make this difficult decision. Please give us your thoughts and let us know what you would do in this situation.


Comment from Karen
Time June 25, 2010 at 1:30 am

My husband and I have read your article above and are indeed in this position with our timeshare in Ibiza. We have paid our fees every year and now the timeshare is in financial difficulties they are now asking us for extra special fees to help cover their mismanagment and spending since 2007. Our resort has become very run down and we were going to visit this year but they have done away with alot of facilities including clean towels!! This is not what we bought into. If we do not pay they tell us that we will lose our rights as a Member! They are infact asking us to bail them out, but what happens next year? There must be many members in the same position, but we have invested too much money in this to let it go. I think its time to go to a lawyer!! More money! Your comments would be appreciated.

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