Wyndham Opens Second DC Timeshare Resort

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One of the most well known companies in the timeshare industry has to be Wyndham, with hundreds of timeshare resorts around the world and millions of owners it could be the largest company in the entire industry. Recently Wyndham has opened one more timeshare resort for its network the name of the new resort is Wyndham National Harbor and is located in Fort Washington, Maryland just minutes away from our nation’s capital Washington DC. This new resort offering will be Wyndham’s second timeshare resort in the DC area with the first being Wyndham Washington DC at Old Town Alexandria. The newest resort had a soft opening on January 15 with the grand opening set to take place at the beginning of next month on February 5, 2010. Wyndham National Harbor will contain 250 timeshare units for people to use throughout the year when they travel to the DC area. According to economic studies the new property is expected to have a 48.6 million dollar impact on the area and will create many new jobs for citizens living in and around this location. According to Wyndham this will be the only new property they plan to open this year.

Visiting Washington DC is a trip I would recommend any family to take at least once in their lives, many children may think a trip to this area will not be entertaining however they may find that learning can be fun and will provide the family with a lifetime of memories. There are many different tours to take in the DC area many of which hold historical and political significance for the United States. When visiting DC and touring a location of historical value be sure to take a moment to let the experience sink in, once adults and children realize the events that took place in this area one can not help but to be interested and want to learn more. I took many memories from my visit to this area as a child, one of the most interesting tours we took on the visit was the Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery to watch the changing of the guard. I remember watching this event in amazement at the timing and accuracy the soldiers displayed while relieving one another and learning about the time investment both mentally and physically the guards must undergo in order to even be considered a candidate for this position. Watching the actions of the soldiers gave me a great feeling of pride in our country and a new found respect for our troops that I carry with me to this day. If you are unfamiliar with this ceremony I would recommend viewing the video clip below.

Video clips can not capture the true essence of the ceremony, I recommend visiting Washington and seeing it for your self. If you would like to visit this area please view our rental inventory at Wyndham Washington DC at Old Town Alexandria or Wyndham National Harbor.

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