Disney Changes Payment Structure For Sales Staff

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In any business there are decisions to make on a daily basis; perhaps one of the most important decisions involves the pay scale of the employees at a given company. Management is always trying to find the best mix of making employees happy while trying to increase the bottom line. It is no different for the timeshare industry; recently Disney Vacation Club has decided to restructure the pay scale for its timeshare salesmen and women. Disney has stated that it will decrease the base salary of its sales staff by 10 percent, while increasing the bonus payments to those salesmen and women who reach certain goals. Disney is basically trying to reward their highest performing individuals while motivating the rest of the sales staff to try and increase their sales in order to gain more commission payments. Since timeshares depreciate in value like a used car it is a fair assessment to compare the payment structure of timeshare sales staff to the sales staff at a car dealership, both are based on production and reward the highest earners. An item that may not have been considered when making this decision is that effect it might have on the overall long term reputation of Disney Vacation Club.

Most people who visit a resort and choose to participate in one of the resorts’ sales meetings in order to get free tickets or free lodging know what they are getting themselves into, i.e. a pushy sales person showing them around and doing anything they can to get the traveler to purchase a timeshare. I have heard from people who have visited Disney Resorts before and participated in these presentations and many seem to be surprised regarding the aggressiveness of the sales staff when compared to other resorts. It seems that Disney sales staff currently is less pushy and more respectful of a person’s wishes, however with the new payment structure outlined above I am concerned how long this reputation will last? With less base salary and higher commissions people visiting the resort will most likely see a more aggressive sales approach and can expect many of the sales personnel to do anything and everything to sell the timeshare. Current owners can also expect to start receiving phone calls and mailers regarding an upgrade of their current contract. This move is almost guaranteed to increase Disney timeshare sales, but we are afraid their reputation may suffer in the long run.

We would love to hear about any experience you have had with Disney whether it be good, bad or ugly? When you visited the resort what was the sales person like? Hopefully regular readers of our blog and anyone reading for the first time already knows that timeshare resales are the way to go and will save you thousands of dollars when compared to buying directly from the resort. If you are searching for a timeshare please feel free to visit our Disney Timeshare Resales section.

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