How Many Timeshare Weeks Do You Own?

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Timeshare owners obviously are interested in travel and everything that goes along with it, however I was under the impression that many owners only purchased a single week, until recently when I read a statement published by Owners Prospective magazine which claimed that more than 50 percent of owners are interested in owning other weeks. Since this publication mainly focuses on owners in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe, I began to wonder if this trend was true for owners in the USA. I also began to think of some of the reasons why an owner would be interested in purchasing a second or even third timeshare unit, below are some of the reasons that I came up with.

The first reason that people may be buying multiple weeks now is the current state of the economy. The secondary market is definitely in favor of the buyer right now, with literally thousands of units for sale around the country and world for that matter the competition is very high and in the end price is main driver for resales. The timeshare resales market is very similar to the automobile resale market, once the car is driven off the lot the value of the car is dramatically decreased, timeshares are the same way once you buy a timeshare from the resort the value will not be as high due to the amount of competition in the secondary market. Another reason that some owners might want to purchase an extra timeshare might be if they owned a points based timeshare which allows you to use a timeshare anywhere within the clubs network for a given amount of points. The point values of two timeshares can be combined together so if the current owner does not have enough points to use one of the higher end resorts in the given network they may consider purchasing another timeshare and combining the points together to extend their travel options. Furthermore, some people wish to use all of their vacation at one time, instead of taking two one week long vacations they would rather have one vacation that spans two weeks. For this reason some might want to buy two weeks that are back to back at a given resort so they do not have to worry about finding accommodations each time they travel. The final reason coming to mind was maybe some people would like to give a unit to a family member as a gift, either for a one time use or for the duration of the deed. I knew someone who got married and the bride’s uncle allowed them to use a Florida timeshare for their honeymoon. While on vacation I meet another couple who asked the grooms parents to purchase them two weeks of timeshare instead of giving them a wedding present so they would be able to enjoy vacations for a lifetime.

If you are a current owner and considering purchasing another week please comment and let us know the reason behind your purchase. I am also interested to see if the fifty percent statistics mentioned above holds true in the United States. We also encourage anyone interested to visit the following page to search our database and buy a timeshare.


Comment from Kathleen Valencia
Time August 12, 2009 at 10:36 pm

I own a few time shares, 1 I purchased from developer,others on secondary market. I have points, I have a vacation club in Cabo, and a Palm Springs. I probably will purchase more since I have a rather large family and I let them enjoy my resorts even when i can’t always go. I take about 4 weeks a year of vacation and I get to take nicer vacations than I would normally be able to because of my ownerships. I think timeshare is great, and people should look at them for what they are…Just a really nice vacation at a value,then when I’m done with my timeshare the kids will still be able to use them. Now I think that’s a good thing.

Comment from Traver
Time August 14, 2009 at 12:39 pm

That is a great point, timeshare resorts normally provide you with more of the comfort of home as oppose to a regular hotel, which is part of the appeal for many people. How was your experience in purchasing from the resort directly?

Comment from Timeshare Relief
Time September 1, 2009 at 2:48 pm

Timeshare ownership is meant to relatively enjoy life. However, if you’re on a tight budget, then, better think twice about it. You should be aware of its disadvantages to prevent future financial burdens.

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