Why You Should Not Use Craigslist For Timeshares

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One of the fastest growing trends on the internet today is the use of Craigslist.org. Basically this site offers a forum for people in a given community to post items for sale, find a date, discuss problems in the community, advertise services, post jobs that need to be filled, etc. Pretty much anything you can imagine pertaining to your community can be found on this site, however I do not feel it is a good place to list a timeshare for sale or rent, don’t get me wrong I really enjoy using Craigslist and have found it useful on many occasions, however I do not feel it is the best option for advertising a timeshare.

The first reason that I would not list a timeshare on this site pertains to the number of scammers that will contact you regarding your timeshare. I have heard many stories of owners listing a unit for rent or sale only to be contacted by people who are obviously trying to separate them from their money through one method or another. In addition to scammers your email address might also be captured by someone compiling information for a spam list. Once your email address is placed on spammers list you will receive hundreds if not thousands of unsolicited emails and everyone knows just how annoying that can be. The people who compile these lists have built robots that scour the web for email addresses to add to their databases, since Craigslist receives so much traffic it is a popular site targeted by these individuals. Another reason to list your timeshare elsewhere is this site is not specific to timeshares only; there are multiple sections of the site many of which have nothing to do with timeshares. When you are trying to sell a timeshare or anything of value, on the Internet it is important to make sure the site you are using to advertise is receiving targeted traffic, in this case people who are interested in timeshares. The overwhelming amount of visitors to Craigslist does not have timeshares on their mind or may not even know what they are. When you list a timeshare with Vacation Timeshare Rentals you can rest assured that most of the visitors to our site are in some way interested in timeshares. Along these same lines this site does not have a section specifically for timeshares only, they do have a vacation rentals section but people familiar with timeshares understand the differences between this type of property and a timeshare. If someone did not know they difference and was looking specifically for a timeshare they may have a hard time finding your listing because there is no heading that designates the timeshare industry.

If you do decide to list with Craigslist I recommend being very careful and if something doesn’t feel right to not go through with any transaction. Vacation Timeshare Rentals is a much better option to advertise your timeshare for sale or rent, we have been helping owners in this aspect for a number of years. We have multiple timeshare listing options that will suit everyone’s wants and needs, please visit this page to list a timeshare.


Comment from Creative Vacation Solutions
Time August 5, 2009 at 5:48 am

Good info.

Aprreciate that !

Comment from Timeshare Relief
Time September 1, 2009 at 2:55 pm

Scammers are everywhere nowadays and the internet have become their new haven. In the case of listing your timeshare on Craiglist.org, there is a big possibility that you will be contacted by these scammers. However, by being extra cautious, you can prevent these scams. If ever, deal with them personally.

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