Disney Vacation Club – New Resorts Opening

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Many timeshare developers have begun to scale down their operations in an effort to cut costs given the current economy. Disney Vacation Club is taking a different approach; instead of cutting back they have decided to open three new resorts this summer. The resorts include Kidani Village, Treehouse Villas, and Bay Lake Tower each with a different theme. The Kidani Village is designed to give the occupant the feel of staying on the African plains in a thatched roof hut. For rugged individuals who might enjoy camping the great outdoors the Treehouse Villas gives the feel of staying in a secluded cabin, of course the user will still have top of the line amenities. The Bay Lake Tower was created for the modern contemporary traveler with floor to ceiling windows; the views of Walt Disney world are unmatched.

What do you think about this bold move by Disney? I respect the fact that Disney has enough faith in their company to open up three separate resorts in a time when timeshare purchases directly from the resort are on a decline. For the first time in the history of Disney Vacation Club interests in four different resorts are being sold at the same time, making this project even more of challenge. The price for a unit at these new resorts is set to start at $18,000 plus a maintenance fee. People reading this blog and people familiar with timeshare resales will certainly see that now is not the time to buy into these new properties. The allure of being the first to own at one of these newly built Disney resorts will entice many, however the savvy owner knows that it is only a matter of time before these first movers decide to sell their interest for pennies on the dollar. If you would like to become an owner at one of these resorts I would recommend waiting until some become available on the secondary market, otherwise you will most likely regret the purchase later on. The timeshare industry has been remarkably resilient to the economic downturn and resorts did not start feeling the effects until the last year or so, even though companies in other industries have been on the verge of bankruptcy for quite some time. Given this fact I still feel that this venture by Disney may be a little over the top, even for a company with as much power and marketability as Disney has.

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