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Island Seas Resort
Resort Reviews

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Overall Rating: 4
3 user ratings (based on 5.0 scale)

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1. Reviewer's Rating: (Not Recommended - 2 out of 5 stars) Posted on 2007-05-18 00:00:00
I cannot possibly understand how the other reviewers gave this place a positive review. They must have extemely low expectations. When we first arrived, a foreign visitor was in the lobby loudly complaining, "where is the hospitality here?" My girlfriend and I immediately thought he was a boorish nuthead. Unfortunately, we should have been listening to him. There is no hospitality here. You are not a guest. You are a target for surprise charges throughout your stay. To wit, $5 per 15 minutes to use the internet in the hotel lobby. $4/per minute everytime you dial an 800 phone number. 15% gratuity AUTOMATICALLY added to all bar and restaurant purchases. Gee, I thought people had to work and show good service, while the CUSTOMER decided how much to tip. Then there is the resort supermarket. $8.90 for a gallon of milk. The grocery store in town was charging $4.00. The hot tub is lukewarm at best. Three times we asked that the temperature be increased so it felt like a HOT tub. Each time we got the "I'll make a note of it." It never happened. Clearly, they were too cheap to spend the money to keep the hot tub hot. But your swimsuit will reek for 24 hours from the over-chlorination When you arrive to your room, you are expected to fill out an inventory form, detailed down to the number of salad forks. Like you really want to do this on YOUR vacation. So I didn't. But near the end of my vacation, I realized that this was just another opportunity for the resort to bill me for "missing items". Sure enough, the inventory sheet listed a radio/alarm clock and a set of tupperware bowls as being in the room. They weren't. Had I not disputed these items, I would have been charged for them. Further, you will be charged for ANY missing linen item. So, if the washclothe count is off by one, you pay ten bucks for a measly washclothe. You should have seen the friday night "buffet" we were charged $21/per person. What a joke. Mediocre food, mediocre variety. Here, in Oklahoma City, the market price for what they served would have been $3.95. Further, you would have had the power whether or not to tip. The beach scene is flawed as well. Only a total of four umbrellas. You'll be consistently disturbed by someone in a tinny megaphone announcing bingo or volleyball. It would be ok if they made one announcement. But by the fifth time when they are goading you with "come on, get up! what's wrong with you", you are sick of it. Additional interruptions from your chance to relax on the beach will occur from locals trying to sell you necklaces or the hotel photographer. Of course, you can buy the photos in the lobby for a "reasonable" price. My girlfriend and I finally left early after we received a $112 bill for using the room phone. $2 were for local calls. They CHARGE you for LOCAL CALLS. The $110 balance was for the calls my girlfriend made on a prepaid 1-800 phone card. We were told that because 800 numbers aren't free in the Bahamas, the charge was $4/minute each time an 800 number was dialed. We pointed out that this really would have been relevant information to put on the table tents next to the phones. The reply was that the information was listed in the guest notebook located in each room. Ok! This notebook is about an inch thick. Do they really expect you to read this on YOUR vacation? Of course they don't. But it gives them a "defense" when you dispute the charge. Do you really think my girlfriend and I were the first ones to complain about these charges? Do you really think it cost the resort $4/minute to reimburse the local phone company for these calls. I could go on and on. Please save yourself the hassle and stay somewhere else. REALLY
-Review courtesy of matt solomon (stayed during May, 2007)
2. Reviewer's Rating: (Excellent - 5 out of 5 stars) Posted on 2007-06-18 00:00:00
I have been going to Island Seas for 4 years and own three units. The two positive reviews were accurate in that they do a good job and it is a great place to stay. In reference to the other person who obviously had outlandish expectations and probably has never traveled to the Caribbean, your expectations are way too high. The resort adds tips automatically as well as THE REST OF THE ISLAND!!!!If you paid $5 for internet access you probably could have gone to town and got it for less if you were that desperate. If you did not like the meal then send it back and tell them you want a refund, then go into town and realize that the food on the island is decent but unless you are going to the Ferry House, which is pretty expensive, you are not going to get great food. a good place to eat is Localnation which is very local food and what the native population likes. The beach is quite nice and if you wanted an umbrella all you had to do is ask and they put it out for you wherever you want. Service is slow but it is everywhere in the Caribbean!!! The rooms are well maintained and have just been overhauled with new TV's, granite countertop etc... Great place and good people.
-Review courtesy of Paul Rauker (stayed during Apr, 2007)
3. Reviewer's Rating: (Excellent - 5 out of 5 stars) Posted on 2008-05-29 00:00:00
Me and my husband and my sister in law and her boyfriend just returned from our fabulous trip to this resort. I agree that the negative review person had their expectations way too high. Yes gratuity is added in and it usually is in most high end places. Also the food to me was pretty good, granted its not American food, maybe that reviewer doesnt care for foriegn food. The staff was the most friendly that i've ever encountered. If you ever need anything check with Tony or Adele in member services they will surely hook you up. We bought a timeshare and cant wait for the chance to go back. We also have a 3 year old and we can't wait to take him back with us and show him off to all our new friends at the resort. I actually lost my laptop and the front desk tracked me down and returned it to me. Also if you take your own laptop the internet is free. I wanted to call home to talk to my son and Adele let me use the member services phone for free. The staff learns your name and speaks to you as a friend! I have recommended this resort to all my friends too. We bought some rum and then the front desk let us borrow/check out a blender to use in our room for free. We did order out to Dominos one night and they resort charged us $1 for the call. We didnt complain, we splurged and paid the dollar. When we went to the hot tub - it ws scolding hot and we told the staff and they fixed it immediatly and they came back in an hour checked it and found us on the beach to advise it was now back to the normal tempurature.
-Review courtesy of staci crawford (stayed during May, 2008)
4. Reviewer's Rating: (Excellent - 5 out of 5 stars) Posted on 2010-11-02 00:00:00
My husband I went to the island on our honeymoon. We toured the facility and was TALKED INTO buying a timeshare there. We went back a oouple days later to further explore the facility. We were not impressed with the place at all after we went back to actually spend some time there. We were told that we had 7 days to cancel however the next day when we sent the cancellation notice in we received a phone call from them trying to pressure us into keeping it. The following week we were informed that we would not recieve our $1000.00 dollar deposit back because we recieved gifts from them for touring the facility. We recieved $210.00 in vouchers for activities on the island and this was grounds for them keeping our $1000.00. We will never go back to the islands again. This place is a con and a rip off. The place was very old and in need of cleaning and the beach was very small.
-Review courtesy of Beverly Beaty (stayed during Jan, 1998)
5. Reviewer's Rating: (Horrible - 1 out of 5 stars) Posted on 2010-12-27 00:00:00
The biggest mistake I made was picking this resort. My friends and I wanted to have a girls getaway for one week so we decided to go to island seas.... For starters...the resort could use some renovating because it looks old. However, we put appearance aside and decided to give it a chance. On our third day there we were called into the managers office like school children and repremanded for "being loud". The manager spoke to me and my friends as if we were children and was very unprofessional. I immediately called the time share company and made a few complaints of my own. It appears that I was among many consumers complaining about this resort. They falsely advertised a spa and gym because they have neither.... The "spa" is in one old raggedy small smelly room with a part time worker who is not always available by request. The gym is 2 feet away across the hall with two treadmills, one bike, and one eliptical. One of the treadmills and the bike did not work. The hot water in the showers was non-exsistent. There was no wi-fi in the rooms only outside near the bar but it was slow as ever. The DVD player in the living room did not work. Our toilet over flowed and when we called to report it at 11pm no one showed up with a mop until 10am the next morning. It was just the worst resort I've ever been to and being that I live to travel i've been to quite a few resorts. The time share company informed me that they were in the process of removing this resort from their listing because there have been too many complaints!!!! Take that island seas!!!!
-Review courtesy of Room 3035 (stayed during Dec, 2010)

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